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for Justice: Rip and Tear

8/18/2022 c3 Azure Sky Dance
Got anymore? Very interested in this.l, gonna follow the story
6/28/2022 c3 Guest
"You mustn't stand against the man who's rage rivals the bright rays of the sun. His wrath boiled from the hate and pain he felt when all of his comrades were picked apart by the demons has sought to make suffer. he wanted them to pay. His rage. pain. hate. malice, it's all put together to create a man... no, he's no man anymore. He's become the incarnation of Despair. He is Death in the form of a Super Soldier,"
6/10/2022 c3 ayatoamagiri3425
Please continue this story.
6/5/2022 c3 Thaliak
This may jist be me being pedantic but with the recent season 4 of youn justoce we know that the only access to the pahntom zone is in the possesion of the new gods and the justice league where unaware of it's existence
5/28/2022 c3 Danyh003
Update pls
5/27/2022 c3 4Crazzytony
Very interested in this and I hope to see more soon!
5/22/2022 c3 45Wacko12
You should bring in the Soul Cube
5/19/2022 c1 Gamzo
Doomslayer with a red lantern ring.
nuff said.
5/15/2022 c3 Guest
I can understand why your having a rough day. Life is hard enough. Life is always hard. so you need to push for what you want.
5/9/2022 c3 Guest
The world doesn't need Heroes. It needs a Slayer.
4/22/2022 c3 24Logicalillogical

Justice league: AHHHHHHHHHHH


Justice league: AHHHHHHHHHHH

The justice league in a nutshell in this fic.
4/14/2022 c3 rubeneliasrivera
I feel like Klarion or Trigon would be Children of Davoth in this story
4/11/2022 c1 15The Eschaton
Here is a scenario that I think would be very interesting:

Joker: Come on, Batman. Go ahead. Take me to jail. Or better yet, kill me. No matter what, Batman. I win. I am never going to repent for all the fun of the murder I had made. Selling my soul to a demon is just Tuesday to me. So, go ahead then, Batman. Kill me. Or are you still going to imprisoned me in the Arkham Asylum again. Hahahaha...

Batman: No.

Joker: W-what?

Batman: I won't kill you, Joker. No matter what, I refuse to kill anyone.

Joker: You're joking, right? His joking, right? Hahahaha, and here I thought I'm the crazy one. Didn't you hear what I just said. I don't regret anything in what I did. I don't regret the murder I committed. And I don't regret siding myself to the devil just to see more of the fun and perks I have. And yet, for all of what I have done, you really think that imprisoning is the best chance? Hahahaha... You will only make yourself worse, Batman? I will kill and kill and no matter how many times you bring me to prison, I will commit more crimes than you can ever imagine. And you have yourself to blame. The murder of the innocent is in your hands.


Joker: What? No talking? No speaking about your stupid policy? Well? Anything?

Batman:... Doom Slayer. Do your job?

Joker: Wait what? Batman... What are you...

Batman: You are right, Joker. Imprisoning you in Arkham Asylum is not the perfect answer. I am not blind on the fact that you can't change your evil ways. I just thought that if I tried and tried to bring justice without killing, I could make Gotham a better place. But I was wrong. I understand now that no one regrets the murder or evil they committed and putting criminals in prison is nothing more than coddling them to make more crime. It's just that no matter what... I will still never kill. And if I kill, I will not stopped until I have become far worse than any criminal I have killed. So, no Joker. I refuse to kill no matter what. But he can...

Joker: Batman... Why is he?

Batman: Joker... Meet Doom Slayer. One of Justice League's most notorious members who has no qualms getting his hands dirty. And a stubborn son of a bitch who... I should understand that I can't force anyone to follow my policy. Especially for someone who is nothing more than an insane brute that doesn't bat an eye at killing people. And now, Joker. Time to get what's coming for you. Doom Slayer, you're up.

Joker: W-wait... Wait, Batman. No wait, please... H-hey... Big guy... Come now... Put that chainsaw down... Please... Batman... Batman, please... I thought you're a hero... Be a hero... Save me... Please...

Batman... Rip and tear. Until it is done.


Worth it.
3/29/2022 c2 Max Gorigori
To ‘thaqiftalip’ (Mar 29, 2022): Your review was the one I never realized that needed to be said for this story… until now. Thanks for that.
3/28/2022 c2 The Eschaton
Hello there, DaneNagai. I see that you have taken from certain Warhammer 40k and Justice League crossover about a Death Korps soldier being transported to the Justice League.

Alright, so here is what I am going to say to you. Don't go on the same route as 'The Death Korps of Justice'. It is depressing, stupid, the characters are incompetent and unsympathetic and is nothing but a gigantic mess that I can't stop caring about its overall story.

It's too bleak alright.

Here, I believe that while I know that it may not be perfect or sunshine and rainbows, maybe try to be critical and biased and see them as the heroes. How about this? Thought the relationship between Doom Slayer and the Justice League will be seriously fiery, overtime it will be forged to a blossoming friendship.

I won't deny much that Batman and Doom Slayer will butt heads against each other but take in the shoes of Bruce Wayne. Bruce is a badass normal, crazy prepared guy who is not afraid to dish out the hurt against any enemies possible.

His unwillingness to kill is not a desperate at claiming moral higher ground but retaining some form of morality and humanity in him. That if he even tried to kill, he would continue and go on the path that makes him worst.

Surely, you have known Konrad Kurze, right? Primarch of the Night Lords? He is what happens when Batman is no longer bogged down by his no killing rule. Sure, he may have put his own planet to peace and order but even before then, he was disliked for his ruthless violence, a twisted sense of justice and killing people in the most horrible way possible.

While the people he kills are criminals and evildoers, tell me; what is the difference to those who are violent murderous killers?

And don't get me started on Seryu Ubiquitous from Akame ga Kill!

All I can say is that Batman has a limit to wanting to not kill. He understands that people like the Joker, Ras or any kind of villain are unrepentant and evil and yet, even if it's easy to kill them and end it all, will this makes him any better? Will finally exacting his vengeance actually makes him feel better? Will his parents accept their own son as a murderer?

There is one thing I hate about the Warhammer 40k universe who are transported to Justice League and that is to bash their characters, their ideals and whatnot and what comes is unimaginably depressing.

Instead of a deconstruction, try a reconstruction. You may can point out that what the Justice League did can sometimes be called into question but the existence of hell is evident that it is better to retain any form of morality, being non discriminatory and actually being genuine heroes than suffering from a sin and go to hell for all eternity.

Batman maybe an unreasonable douche, that no one can disagree on but he is willing to compromise, willing to see that there are others who are unrepentant, corrupt, evil and irredeemable. Even then, he won't kill. But then, there is always the Doom Slayer.

Here is what I want in the story.

The Doom Slayer will fight alongside the Justice League alongside other heroes and even villains who are not irredeemable like Captain Cold, facing off against demons on both worlds and cool fight scenes the likes of which no one can ever imagine.

I want that. So, please. Don't make this really, really dark and depressing. Make this an antithesis of 'The Death Korps of Justice'. Hell, don't make it like 'Remnant Inferis: DOOM', please.

Other than that, good day.
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