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for Justice: Rip and Tear

10/15/2021 c2 Guest
Huh. I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. Doom crossovers are usually Isekai self inserts or "X Character is Doomguy and Has a Harem". This, though, is enjoyable. You managed to capture Doomguy's personality (stone cold badass with a heart of gold) without having him actually say anything. I will admit, I am a little miffed it takes place after Doom 2016 and not Doom Eternal where The Slayer's potential really shines through, but that hardly matters. Like, really though, damn, if I wasn't a coward, I'd make an account just to fave and follow. Kudos, dude.

P.S. If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about power levels. Yeah, Doomguy is terrifyingly strong, being the dude who singlehandedly crusaded against Hell for centuries, crushed the soul of Fake-God with his bare hands, stabbed Real-God in the neck, casually punches away multi-ton blocks of steel like they're Legos, and has the infinite power of a Primeval flowing through his veins. But this is Young Justice. And by extension, DC, a universe where people on Doomguy's level run around in skin tight Onesies. Personally, I'd say to just have fun with it. Like, I dunno, have The Slayer arm wrestle Shazam or something. Get a lil wacky, y'know? But that's just me. Feel free to ignore my stupidness.
10/15/2021 c2 Reader
I think you should have the JL react towards the Slayer discovering one of his DoomGuy dolls for lighthearted moment.

So the JL could see... despite the Slayer's savagery there is still some sense of humanity within him.
10/15/2021 c2 xXKnow1NosXx
Listen to the Guy below me, he's throwing a lot of facts!
10/15/2021 c2 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
"Worthy opponent" The fight itself sounds more like the Slayer humoring Slade. More like a plaything than an actual threat.

Even the piercing of the Praetor suit itself sounds more of a Doom demon's fantasy. Because without Argent enforcing it, the Praetor suit was noted to be nearly indestructible, add Argent to the mix, the Slayer letting himself be stabbed for intimidation factor doesn't sound out of the blue.

As for Vandal, I'm guessing that he's actually an Argentanian/Sentinel Knight or stumbled upon Wraith energy as a cave man and evolved into an Argentanian throughout the years and obtained memories of an unnamed Sentinel. The Light's true goal is to evolve humanity after all. And my guess in this fic is that's probably the evolution into an Argentanian.

It is possible to have an Argent man to live for eons. Because Valen literally lived through eons.

Klarion would rarely, if ever, show his face now that the Slayer is around. Dr. Fate could pinpoint the Slayer to the Fortress.

Dr. Hayden can leave a message in Vega after the JL review who he is. The message could be about finding the Fortress hidden in this universe.

Martian Man Hunter reading the Slayer's mind is like stepping to hell. But then again, the Slayer has an unwavering iron will. MMH will not penetrate his mind.

This fic could move towards the direction to upgrading the JL Headquarters to install Argent technology to find the Fortress of Doom. The Slayer is confirmed to be a techie. That computer of his looks earth-made for gaming. Plus with the multiple worlds that he has defended over the years from demonic invasions, it's safe to say that he is a techie.

And the source wall can be the wall that locks the realm of Jekkad. As that realm is sealed to keep Hell out.

Trigon time to BeGon.
10/15/2021 c2 p6lishb6kser
It's ok, i follow I think I'll enjoy it
10/14/2021 c2 superpierce
great chapter glad this finally updated.
10/14/2021 c2 Guest
Doom Slayer shouldn't have much trouble with dealing with the Light. He's been up against FAR more dangerous threats. Also, because of his extremely complex gene, i don't think they'd be able to clone him. And his technology responds only to him and VEGA is safe in his possession.

Also, I hope Doom remains a morally grey person. Someone who does have a sense of morality but will use lethal methods to dispose of his enemies
10/14/2021 c2 Guest
I hope Doom Slayer doesn't become a watered down version. Like PLEASE do not have him just give irredeemable villains a measly slap on the wrist just so they can continue to spread bloodshed and oppression. Let him finish the job permanently
10/14/2021 c2 7Jestalnaker94000
Good chapter! The Justice League should consider themselves lucky that Doom Guy has arrived in their Universe. Although, I have no doubts that they could stop a demonic invasion, but with Doom Guy at their side, they'll fair a lot better. Have you thought of doing a Marvel and DOOM crossover? I feel like Doom Guy would fair pretty well in the Marvel Comic Universe, because they're nicer towards anti-heroes. (:
10/14/2021 c2 Guest
The Justice League is an arrogant bunch if they believe they can order the Doom Slayer around.
10/14/2021 c2 Guesty
In the Bible, Hell is a destination for sinful souls, but in Doom, it is a dimension filled with violent creatures that seeks to spread misery, death and destruction in their wake. Those creatures were once living beings who were tortured to the point that their completely broken, mind, body and soul. Once their souls were consumed the bodies were left where they slowly transform into new demons. Hell had invaded many dimensions and consumed many worlds in their path, it would make sense that they would try to invade the DC dimension, but Doctor Fate had made sure that would never happen on his watch. I'm pretty sure that Doctor Fate would also have knowledge about the Doom Slayer, he is the bane of Hell itself, the stuff legends that is transcends dimensions. The Doom Slayer is technically the same person from Doom 1, its just that he's been dimension hoping to parallel and alternative dimensions but never stopping in his crusade against Hell.
10/13/2021 c2 Austin
Yes finally after many months...the new chapter for Justice rip and tear is out.
Loving on how this is going down...and of the Doom slayer having Vega speaking for him.

And lol it would be the league best interests to not have Batman interrogate Doom slayer...because they be throwing hands within 5 minutes at least.

And the funny things of Shazam asking D.S. if he is Master chief in Halo has me laughing because I can actually see the both of them getting along well with a good example being of Demons and Slayers by Impulsive weaver. Best pair of Chad's known to mankind.

Also question DaneNagai of a what if scenario in D.c. verse. Say if all of a sudden if the joker attacked you and your loved ones, you shot him dead in his tracks like the mad dog he is. Because you know 2nd amendment in America right to bear arms and self defense...would the justice League or batman mainly be up your ass because you killed the Joker or no they will leave you alone as you are allowed by Law to defend yourself.
Because looking at it now...I'm actually surprised in all the fanfictions or comics that there has not been one where the people actually pull out the fire arms and show the Joker what happens when enough is enough...I mean at least half of the U.s. population is military.
So yeah.

But anywho that's that.
So good luck on the next chapter hope it comes soon.
And happy early or belated Halloween.
Also thank you for the unexpected birthday present because my birthday is in couple days so thank you my friend for the gift XD
10/13/2021 c2 22edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
Though how the hell did the Watchtower's computer capable of running VEGA?
Last time I checked, only DS's armor could run it or his fortress since VEGA's physical set up was massive and required to be really cold.
10/13/2021 c2 6Blazblade
L7 is Klarion isn't it?

Man the Light is going to he worried when they realize who they're dealing with when he tells them.

Bruce, as smart and skilled as you are, DON'T get in the Doom Slayer's way. He will mess you up Royal and probably wreck anything you throw at him. Same goes for the League, better to not anger the guy or he'll kick their asses to hell and back.

Heck I'm curious as to when they'll learn about how he stopped several Invasions from Hell by himself, the Argenta and the Night Sentinals, and that he is fully immortal.
10/13/2021 c2 rubeneliasrivera
I see what you did there with L7. He obviously would know who the Doom Slayer truly is and be afraid what he could do. My question is will he tell the rest of the Light or no?
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