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for Justice: Rip and Tear

6/10/2021 c1 8Jebest4781
Will be interesting to see how the Slayer may adapt to things while posing a massive threat to the Light
6/10/2021 c2 Reader
You better be careful how you handle this story. I already can see some people are rattled with your decisions.

Don't forget... Doom community is a bit toxic nowadays.
6/10/2021 c1 Chickenwhisperer
please dont nerf the slayer :/ he could easily kill deathstroke. his trengh has literally no bounds. you made him so powerfull in the warhammer story , why nerf him so much here?
6/10/2021 c2 Guest
I think the problem here is Doomslayer can easily rip apart demons. Strength wise, his punch should have killed Deathstroke especially when the latter clearly has intention to kill Doomguy (Heh! Like that's even possible)
6/9/2021 c2 ZILLAFAN
Just make him bulletproof. Also, given he can manhandle 15 foot slabs of muscles, I'm pretty sure Bats couldn't have been aple to steal the SSG from him?
6/9/2021 c1 10TheDrkKnight12
One thing t remember. The Slayer plays by HIS rules. No one else's. If they try to force him, it's a damn Blood Punch.
6/9/2021 c2 Alucard-hellsing12
I swear to god if his blood is used to clone him by Cadmus or some bullshit I’m out of here. I love your Warhammer story but I probably won’t read this one if his blood gets passed around and clones of DoomGuy start popping up everywhere in the world.
6/9/2021 c2 gameovergirl217
Author : makes doomguy bleed
doom community: so you have chosen death
6/9/2021 c2 aliveyr1
man doomguy needs to get a reinforced shirt collar or something otherwise his blood is gonna cause a lot more problems
6/9/2021 c2 Laplase
just don't clone him because it's overdone and because his powers come from his soul and memories that fuel his rage.
At his base his blood is just normal human blood.
Will you have Vega in This story or if not who will serve as the Doom Slayer's Voice.
6/9/2021 c1 7Jestalnaker94000
Interesting start, I wonder what happens next? Although, I feel Doom Guy would be better suited for Marvel then DC, as they're more generous towards anti-heroes. Imagine Doom Guy taking on Hulk - the Strongest One There Is vs the Angriest One There Is. ;)
6/9/2021 c1 Matt
Take your time! Fuun sorry, wonder how it will go, stay safe!
6/8/2021 c1 3Trux-Killer
I’m not sure bout Slayer being nerfed here maybe at least let him have a damn gud fight to see his true strength against the man of steel pls, don’t hold the Slayer back
6/8/2021 c1 Guest
Doom slayer not killing anyone like that will ever happen because telling the slayer not to kill anyone even if they almost destroy half the planet is the same as telling him to do nothing
6/8/2021 c1 Fearless leader Bart
Hmmm he seems weaker but the story is interesting
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