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for Justice: Rip and Tear

7/15/2021 c1 ShinMegamiTensei
If the Doom Slayer can bring about this form of ‘localized chaos’ in the first chapter alone… then imagine what he could do in The DCU‘s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” or “Infinite Crisis”.

To say nothing of providing the perfect multiverse ‘arena’ between the Doom Slayer and either the Icon of Sin or the Dark Lord, Davoth…
7/7/2021 c2 1A.N.S.N.A
we need a Update...
its a great story so write more...
7/6/2021 c2 Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich
Please no ripping and tearing at Killer Frost, Live Wire, Poison Ivy or Harley,...ok perhaps put Harley on a time out, looney toons like,
6/26/2021 c2 alv1
it was a great firsyt chapter :)
6/23/2021 c2 11ENDDRAGON369
I really hope to see the fortress of Doom.
6/23/2021 c2 EndOfDaysBitches
If Project Cadmus’ "Cloning Bullshit" were to come up due to 'inevitability' (for some reason)… then I MAY have a 'genius' suggestion so as to make the Light REGRET ever attempting to clone the DOOM SLAYER…

The conditions that would need to be followed (so as to not upset anyone, hopefully) are as follows:
1) The "Cloning Bullshit" incident shall only happen ONCE, and NEVER occurs AGAIN (plot-wise, where there was once a genetics research laboratory should become a CRATER in the aftermath… and the Light practice "Let Us Never Speak of This Again").
2) NO STRAGGLERS (ANY and ALL OTHER potential 'clones' of the Doom Slayer are to be COMPLETELY ERADICATED, in the very chapter they are to be introduced — NO EXCEPTIONS!)
3) IN THE END, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE (CLONE) — more details in the following paragraph.

Say if Project Cadmus were to create only one 'successful' clone of the Doom Slayer (but are unable to replicate the Divinity Machine’s empowerment, leading to 'gory' results) — you would only have a human clone that serves no practical purpose, alongside its deformed, failure 'brothers'. Even 'potential' application as a 'sleeper agent' is unfeasible, given that the Doom Slayer has no known 'secret identity' in the Young Justice universe (and let’s not get started on the clone being unable to 'defend itself' once its 'cover' is compromised).

So? How do we make Project Cadmus backfire on the Light? Simple, and giving credit to "Godzilla vs. Kong"… HAVE THE DARK LORD DAVOTH 'HIJACK' THE CLONE BODY AND BRING ABOUT A SUPER GORE NEST! (It would be like how King Ghidorah had played everyone like 'Unwitting Pawns' while just a severed head, and after taking full control of Mechagodzilla, kills his 'creators' and resumes his genocidal rampage.)

And the words that ought to 'strike a chord' with the Doom Slayer, and give us a taste of "DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods"?


So, DaneNagai? Everyone else? What do you think about this suggestion? If you guys still aren’t so favourable about it, then I’ll end the discussion here, and will make no further attempts to bring it up. (I don’t fault anyone for this; I HATED what happened to the original Roy Harper in "Young Justice" with the same amount of vitriol for what the Skrulls did in "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes".)

P.S: I don’t understand why must the Doom Slayer 'bleed' though… haven’t you heard of the expression, "if it bleeds, we can kill it"? (I’d be upset to find out this were to apply for the Doom Slayer as well…)
6/17/2021 c2 1FireFox2590
Please don't clone Doomguy... Use his blood to poison demons or something please... I really don't want a second, inferior DoomSlayer.
6/15/2021 c2 Asmalken
Great this book is
6/15/2021 c1 Oshinobi Sensei
To 'TypicalRussianDude':
Relax, comrade; I know that there is this 'Sliding Scale of Gameplay and Story Integration' to account for…

The story right here is still in its initial stage — there is STILL opportunity to rewrite (or even remove) any plot holes/plot points that strongly 'disservice' the DOOM lore and the Doom Slayer’s prowess.

Otherwise, we just wait and see how it all plays out…
6/14/2021 c1 1TypicalRussianDude
Response to "Oshinobi Sensei"

Problem with the "Glass Cannon" you spoke of...
They can kill him/actually hurting him in a *Gameplay.*
Lorewise, even after knocking him out with the temple & removing his armor, *they could not Kill him.* only imprison him for a time being.
6/14/2021 c2 TypicalRussianDude
Good start, but he does feel kind of nerfed (at least there is two complains)

1) Doomguy was known trough the lands of Argenta for fighting no matter the injuries he got (the DOOM community itself remembers him as the guy who keeps going after taking a fucking rocket to the face) Even before he became a Primordial and got that "nearly impervious to any damage" armor that speeds up his healing by absorbing Argent Plasma from the environment (if there is no energy for that though, natural healing should start doing it's magic, considering what sort of a being he is).

Shortly, he would've keept on fighting while choking on his own blood 'till the healing does it's job. Charitably or not, the helmet removal wasn't necessary.

2) It's really odd how batman was able to kick a shotgun off the Doomguy's hands.
While Batman is a skilled tactician and a fighter, you can't expect a top of human strength to do anything to a being that rips out the spinal cords and kicks out the heads off it's opponents like it's a walk in the park or something (nevermind Berserker state).

A being that could actually tackle Superman (apart from Kryptonite, his other weakness is magic... Some of his weapons use a weaponized form of a magical element from Hell that was purified, his own strength is (kind of) supernatural & he himself uses that said element from Hell on his own body once in a while)

Aside from these minor (just lengthy) details, it was a good start, really.
6/14/2021 c2 STORY OF EARTH
This is Dr. Elena Richardson, log entry 002 - subject analysis of Doom Slayer. January 24th, 2163. There is no chance that the subject is a demon. We have blood samples pulled from the Mars event that show his blood type is AB positive. He is male with a genome that makes him very much a member of the human race. But the enhanced speed, strength and athleticism would indicate otherwise. But we can see from the blood samples that there are foreign bodies present of unknown origin.

I cannot as a contributing member of the scientific community agree with the assumption by some of my colleagues that he is, for lack of a better word… a God. An avenging angel, the right hand of Doom here to save humanity from its sins. But I cannot ignore that the timing of his arrival — the identity of his enemies — the fire and brimstone element to this catastrophe we currently find ourselves in has… it has definitely shaken my scientific resolve.
6/14/2021 c1 Oshinobi Sensei
DaneNagai: "And for those wondering, this takes place before DOOM Eternal, so Doomguy still remains OP as before."

(Yeah, I’m quite certain that the Doom Slayer has ALWAYS been OP, 'physically' speaking. It’s just that many of his offensive equipment had been lost, and had to be replaced [or even discarded] by the events of "Doom Eternal" — including the Praetor Suit, since the 'original' lies dismantled on the Fortress of Doom in his personal study… damn Samuel Hayden and his Tether System!)

As the only "Doom" & "Young Justice" crossover-story present (as of now), I can’t imagine the unseen 'high expectations' you must have faced while writing this — my sympathies for the toxicity of the "Doom" fandom.

SO, the complaints/grievances:
1) The Doom Slayer perceived as 'weak' (almost like people think this is the normal 'Doom Marine')
2) Batman being able to snatch the Doom Slayer’s Super Shotgun
3) The Doom Slayer being more suited for the Marvel Universe, rather than the DC Universe
4) The Doom Slayer bleeding, shattering the belief of his 'invincibility'

Despite the negativity, there are still some saving graces that I found in this chapter:
1) The Doom Slayer intimidating the Hell out of Batman, beating the Hell out of him (and having the Caped Crusader be responsible for a bigger explosive 'mess' that probably could have been avoided)…
2) The Doom Slayer’s weapons that he utilised for this encounter have NOT been stolen from him (all safely stored in his 'Hyperspace Arsenal')…
3) This is set just after the events of "DOOM" (2016) so we will have VEGA with us!

So, here’s my 'CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM' (if it helps):
1) The Doom Slayer acting 'charitably' to Deathstroke would make some sense, since he’s not exactly a Demon or has yet to be corrupted by them (otherwise, the Slayer would not have held back, and there would have been a bloodbath)…
2) The Doom Slayer SHOULD have had an 'IRON GRIP' on his weapons (on par with Superman, if not greater) when wielding them. Batman should NOT have been able to rip away the Slayer’s gun; he would have left himself open for the Slayer to retaliate with either a PUNCH or a HEADBUTT.
3) If the Doom Slayer were to appear in the Marvel Universe, the altercations between superheroes would have been FAR MORE BLOODY AND VIOLENT if one were to account for Civil War and Hydra (and don’t get me started on Ultimate Marvel, the universe of 'Adaptational Jerkass' — there WILL be CIVILIAN CASUALTIES if the Demons don’t get to them first)…
4) You ought to put in consideration on the Doom Slayer’s body language when he’s interacting around 'allies' and civilians — if he’s 'gently' pushing you (or pulling you by the lanyard around your neck) then that’s as 'polite' as he can be at saying, "I need to go through here. Please step out of the way." BUT if he’s violently shoving you (or to the extreme, PUNCHING you) out of the way, then that should convey the message, "Get out of my way. I’m fixing the mess that YOU caused, idiot." (I have a feeling that Batman would be a 'frequent' recipient of the latter…)
5) I can’t say anything about the 'bleeding' plot point until I know more (but it would rather 'funny' to witness ZOMBIE DOOM SLAYER arising — NOT EVEN DEATH CAN STOP THE DOOM SLAYER). But I’m hoping there won’t be any cloning bullshit of any form, after how they did in the original Roy Harper 'dirty' — besides, the Marauders should suffice in giving the Doom Slayer some 'rivals'.

(Hey, maybe you could write a scene where the Doom Slayer hears that there were plans in cloning him as a 'personal enforcer' — not only do their attempts fail, but the Slayer lays waste to their entire facilities and make an 'example' of them. Thus, his reputation as THE DREADED, INCARNATE is cemented, that even The Light will forever FEAR having made an enemy of HIM… and then the Demons and the Dark Lord come into the picture! What fun!)

Also, there’s "edboy4926", "Jebest4781", "TheDrkKnight12" who have put in some 'food for thought' — I’m of the same opinion as them. Mostly…


P.S: Hopefully, this entry on 'TV Tropes' may shed some light on the whole 'blood' dispute…

GLASS CANNON: COMPARATIVELY at the very least; for all his demon-mauling bravado, and despite his ability to rip apart even the biggest demons around, the Doom Slayer can't take hits from those same demons very well. Virtually every hit from anything larger than an Imp will take out a noticeable chunk of health, and the key to his survival thus lies in using his enhanced agility to bob and weave around them to avoid attacks, and his ability to recuperate strength from Glory Kills. The thing that makes it a 'Zig Zagged Trope' is the fact that the Doom Slayer is at least capable of surviving a few hits, even from Titans, where a normal human would just be reduced to paste, and judging by the 'Scarred Equipment' that is his armour, he does get hit a lot. The Codex Entry on the Praetor Suit even specifically mentions that it's essentially immune to conventional weaponry; it's just that the demons are using ANYTHING BUT.
6/11/2021 c2 Guest
Please dont let him become another justice idiot
6/10/2021 c1 8Jebest4781
Will be interesting to see how the Slayer may adapt to things while posing a massive threat to the Light
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