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for Justice: Rip and Tear

11/18 c4 ayatoamagiri3425
Good chapter. Thanks for your time in updating your fanfiction.
11/18 c4 xXKnow1NosXx
Glad to hear that you won your battle with cancer. Let's hope it stays that way.

I'm glad DG didn't fully submit to JL's demands, so that's good so far.

RIP Kevin Conroy the OG and the GOAT voice of Batman.
11/17 c3 9The Eschaton
It's great that you finally respond. And here is my opinion on 'The Death Korps of Justice'. I don't know if the author had a massive boner with the Justice League but really, the DC Universe should just get invaded by the Imperium of Man because the way the author makes them look like a bunch of incompetent, holier than thou and literally annoying 'Heroes' is just cringing to me and it doesn't help how they would rather be honourable than being reasonable ever since Chaos had touched their universe.

It also doesn't help that they still don't understand Krieg and the way they are incompetent at handling someone who is basically a merciless soldier from a war torn universe is just annoying as they still consider him a friend and want him to conform to their heroic standards, never mind that all it did is making Krieg even more pissed off than usual.

Overall, Krieg is the only likable and arguably sympathetic character in the Fic despite the fact that he is merciless, emotionless, unfeeling and borderline war torn veteran of a soldier who kills without remorse and does so without hesitation while the least likable are genuine heroes who preach heroism, cooperation and tolerance which Krieg consider it to be borderline heretical.

Yeah, I'm not exactly having a very decisive opinion with the whole story when it tells something like this and we all know what will happen to those who always agreed with everything Krieg said.

By the way, did you know that Kevin Conroy, the American Actor who voiced Batman in his animated series? Yeah... he's... he's... not with the living anymore.
11/17 c4 1nantono
11/17 c4 187
Wow ok so first time I heard of this story and I love it. The moment I saw you were the same guy behind Doom End Times I knew this story would be a good Doom story. Like I don't know about you but those chapters with just The League reacting to his adventures in the 2016 game and the other pieces of lore were really fun for me to read also gotta love that Wolfenstein reference. My only like issue is where are Hawkman and Hawkgirl? Like yes I know they aren't that popular but they still show up in the Young Justice show and IMO they would be another pair of heroes who would understand Doom Slayer since they both come from a warrior race. Now for whats to come since you said he would mentor the Team on how to fight Hell he might be a good mentor for Superboy. Since at the start of the show he was all angry and uncontrollable Doom Slayer will help him in controlling those emotions better since before he meet the Sentinels he was a raging berserker. Oh and last but not least congratulations on your health situation its good to hear that you are back!
11/17 c1 2Savior16
and also really hope you come up with concept demons that were suppose to make it through the games and there are so many of them and really flesh them out and give them what they deserve unlike what Hugo martin and the others weren't able to do.

like imagine an undead sentinel king from a bygone age, sentinels can grow with time as king novik shows or those with powerful bloodlines and genes which makes sense as to why they only pick in there homeworlds and why some view Doomguy with hate like racial hate or ghost sentinels that turned evil and upon death as consequences or ascencion to gods hell.

demons as well has so many varieties and naming them all is just big and full that it would be enough that it would give hell a much more harder than ever, like seriously the gargoyles Is already enough like the fuckers in just insignificant numbers tore apart Earth's hell breaker operation, the gods as well like demon gods, kings and more and the only reason why hell didn't expand further is that the maykrs wants to reveal themselves to demons as saviours for them to save the day.

for the heroes to put them all down and to show earth that this is the alien invasion he was trying to stop, and they are all fcuekd
11/17 c4 Guest
So I guess we'll have an answer for superboy's anger issues?Can't wait for more, be careful dude I really like what your doing
11/17 c4 Savior16
amazing work man and congratulations on conquering cancer, miracles are amazing.
11/17 c4 Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich
Good hear from you again, glad you safe and fire, still after the recent news with regards to the death of Kevin Conroy, I hope you will take the much needed time to properly heal up, take and and stay safe,
11/17 c4 wstiglet
I always love badass super powered doom slayer first so I'm not mad but batsy is a little over the top with his blatant aggression. Or maybe I've not seen enough media about him
11/17 c4 Guest
Nice update
11/17 c4 Greer123
I am glad to hear that you won your battle with cancer. Great work on this new chapter as always.
11/17 c4 Cat
I must say, this fiction in 2rd best next to The walking Doom, keep up man, this book is verry good. I have 1 question, will be there hell invasion in Dc universe and when if you can say. Thank you for your time mate.
11/16 c4 EndOfDaysBitches

There’s another feature I wish to 'retroactively' add to Project Cadmus’ "Cloning Bullshit" now that I’m looking back at it… what if their Cadmus Clone of the Doom Slayer (eventually being 'hijacked and remote-controlled' by Davoth, the Dark Lord of Hell), was only able to operate at, say 25-75%, in spite of the 'devastation' it can cause (comparable to a 'natural disaster' or more)?

Only the Luminarium in "DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods" would restore the Dark Lord to a full physical/Primeval 100% and have the devastation rise up to a potential 'Apocalypse How / Class Z'… should our heroes (or primarily the Doom Slayer) fail to slay him — it would REALLY portray well the Magnitude of the THREAT that the superheroes are going to face, with the realisation sending some Serious SHIVERS down their spines…


P.S: Even though this crossover-story didn’t start off 'positively' when I consider the 'negative' reception that the Doom Slayer Versus Batman had gotten (especially with Batman 'succeeding' in taking the Slayer’s shotgun)… it’s surprisingly getting better with every updated chapter! The Doom Slayer (and VEGA) may be 'working' with the Justice League, within 'reason'… but the Slayer proves time and again that NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE DOOM SLAYER. Now, the only question is when will Batman ever learn that and just reach a compromise with Doomguy…

P.P.S: Personally speaking? I prefer the Batman shows that portray him as the 'Jerk with a Heart of Gold'-'Knight in Sour Armor' rather than ones that portray him as the 'Control Freak'-'Jerkass'. However, this DOES NOT MEAN I will be cutting Batman ANY slack in this crossover-story — if you think Batman needs to be knocked off his high horse every once in a while, DaneNagai? Go ahead — do what you gotta do. HE’S THE GODDAMN BATMAN.
11/16 c4 SlayerMC
I'm glad you're back!
Glad you beat cancer and I hope you get confirmation from the test.

This was an awesome set-up chapter, can't wait for the next one.
As for the power-scaling, I personally don't care too much for it. It just takes away enjoyment for me. But I know other people care. I think as long as the "Doomguy is the ultimate badass" theme is strong, people would be fine with whatever. Doom as a series is all about non-stop action, but DC kinda of has a "Gods learning to be human" theme. Ironically, the Master Chief comparisons could fit considering in Halo 4, Master Chief learns what is means to be human. And there is something wholesome about Doomguy regaining his humanity about everything he's been through. I would love to see a Doomguy/Isabella friendship in this story. I wonder what DC character is as nice/wholesome as Isabella from Animal Crossing.

But it would also be interesting to see Doomguy go against the powerhouses of DC. Can make the Doomguy more of a badass if he can kill those above his weight. If there are any.

This is a good read, many thanks!
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