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for Justice: Rip and Tear

11/16 c4 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun seeing the AI burning the reporter
will be fun to see him train the kids and doing missions.

good to hear you beating that disease remain strong
11/16 c4 calderoneric758
Yes he is related to the great national killer with Jewish armor
11/16 c4 8Jebest4781
This was great. Can’t wait for what else is to occur.
11/16 c4 Warmachine324
Awesome chapter can't wait for the next one also will the Doom slayer get to put the fearing in God to the Joker or any dc villain in any future chapters ?
11/16 c4 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Reporter segment is funny and just desserts.

If Vega was there to throw bars, he would've become an Argent Bonfire.

As for the Argent part, well there is a way to look at it. Slayer and Vega never knew that it's not just Argent that HE can absorb, as Wraith and Hell Essence is Argent's ingredients. One is limited while the other is strictly in Hell.

Yes, this does mean that his Armor is in a bit of a compromising situation.

But then again, this Slayer is nerfed, even his armor. If you ask me on where he stands, he's standing above True Form Darkseid as he got scared shitless from Emperor Joker. The version of Joker that has 99% of Mr. Myztyplix's power.

Myxie is a 5D imp, hell is a 6D being and is just a part of Davoth.

So, yeah. Slayer here is not just Nerfed, he is Extremely Nerfed.

As for the Light gaining a blood sample, eh, that dude is going to be Nerfed anyway. Not even Argent's ability to grant infinite power to the worthy will save Animo. Besides, it's tainted by other DNA so it shouldn't even be able to grant such a thing.

If it does, then the JL is done for. Superman carrying the heavens in Man of Tomorrow #12 is just him lifting his own mental problems.

Super Man Beyond #1 is not them lifting an infinite book, they're in Limbo, anything in there is non-material. They're just struggling to lift concepts, Ideas, Metaphors, A Story. It's more of a physical manifestation of their metaphorical understanding of their dilemma

JLA/The Spectre: Soul War #1 is not Super man carrying the Sentry, just him and Wonder Woman struggling to lift him gently back down. Because if you want to lift infinity, you must be infinity.

And Argent... Well...

Take it away, Samuel Hayden.

The demons only utilize a portion of the resources that come from the human soul. It was the Maykrs and the Sentinel Priests who discovered and unlocked the true power of the Essence. They combined Sentinel and Hell energies together, refined it, and created... Argent. With it they did wondrous things, saved worlds from extinction, healed the sick... and gave INFINITE POWER to those WORTHY of it.

Before you ask, Machines are not people, my G. They are not getting an infinite power of cosmic level boost.

Best they could have is a demonic possession or corruption.

Either way, by the end of the day, this is still your story. take care, man

Also it would be Ill advice to connect this to your WH:F fic. Because there's only one Doomslayer that can exist. The Divinity Machine Lore Page in-game says so.

But either way, in the end of the day, this is your fanfiction. Take care and have a healthy recovery, dude.
11/16 c4 1FireFox2590
Love that this story is back and I am thrilled to hear you are doing okay and beat your cancer! I can't wait to see where this is going and personally think it would be very interesting if they made a Doom Slayer clone, but he was entirely human, no special powers, and they decided to just get rid of him, only for him to have inherited the Doom Slayer's sheer unadulterated willpower and tenacity.

Also at the start of the chapter you wrote Wonder Woman having a conversation with herself and the others for a while. With Diana speaking to Dianah. Not sure if there is someone else there I was unaware of or if that was a typo like I suspect w; Still, glad to have you back!
11/16 c4 7T-Biggz
I am happy you beat cancer buddy! Stay strong and live on. That's the only way you can give the disease the middle finger it deserves.

I am happy, to an extent, that Superboy is getting the upgrade we thought he would be getting. I'm just not sure how that will affect his mind is all. Hopefully all goes well, but at the same time I don't really see Ms. Martian as the right pairing for this fic with an essentially upgraded Conner. Might have to introduce other Titans or send him to the future with the Legion of Superheroes. And did I hear right when Lex mentioning two Kryptonians on earth? We never saw Kara in the series, as far as I'm aware, so I wonder what her role is going to be?
11/16 c4 superpierce
Great chapter wasn't expecting you to be epic or anything but overall it was great also glad you overcame cancer not many can say the same Kevin Conroy was the best Batman voice actor already have seen like more than five tributes to him on YouTube.
11/16 c4 Seleucus 01
Thank you for a wonderful chapter. I wonder if Davot will participate in your work? Judging by the game, it was he who created Doom Slayer, manipulating his fate. Wanting to destroy Urdak and spread power to the entire multiverse.
11/16 c4 11bmanbeast57
Hmm will Doomslayer be a father figure to superboy when superman refuses to do so and love the story and congratulations for you heath to
11/16 c4 Xenozip
Actually John can't use lethal force, the rings have safeguards against it... of course in a different universe a Green Lantern ring found Bruce Wayne seconds after Joe Chill killed his parents he immediately used his own willpower to override the safeguards by going past 117% of what they were able to safely handle and killed Joe Chill. So the safeguards can fail, but the Guardians will be aware of it happening and he would be questioned heavily. Not to mention he could indirectly cause lethal force like dropping someone from high up or just not using the ring to kill.
11/16 c4 musizlover2008
Cancer is a b****, don't let it beat you, even though it's gone it might come back, I've seen many people having their cancer return with a vengeance. You have to make sure the doctors can positively confirm that it's gone for good, and always arrange checkups to see any signs of a resurgence.
10/25 c3 Adryn Nighthunter
Its a crime not finishing this story
8/30 c3 10Zhorvak
For a moment I thought there would be talks about Daisy
8/18 c3 Azure Sky Dance
Got anymore? Very interested in this.l, gonna follow the story
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