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for Justice: Rip and Tear

2/23/2022 c3 1FireFox2590
I hope they aren't able to clone him, I say that because if they DO clone him, he shouldn't be anything but an above average human, and his brain would be different, he wouldn't have the Slayers indominable will, he wouldn't have the Slayers god like power infused by the Seraphim. God magic isn't biological I am pretty sure.
2/23/2022 c3 4Savior16
Oh martian, you wouldn't want the davoth to look into you
2/1/2022 c2 shadowmvg4
Wow, this story seems to have some really awesome potential! I've never seen a Doom and DC crossover before and after reading your Doom Warhammer fic I'm really excited to see what you do with this setting. Also slight tangent towards the commenters (the more recent ones anyways), jesus christ guys calm down. I'm all for the Doomslayer kicking ass and taking names but you don't have to bombard the author with how doomguy is the next coming of christ and your fav character of all time. Yes, the doomslayer is incredibly powerful but you gotta remember this is right after doom 2016 and he's still fresh out of his forced imprisonment, he's not gonna be balls to the walls 100% right yet. I'm sure the author is going to do justice (ha) to both sides in the upcoming chapters and show doomguy getting his mojo back just have a little patience and calm down the doom erections (speaking as a doom fanboy). I mean what would you prefer, doomguy one shotting everything and being untouchable or an actual story with good writing and development, don't forget that there's plenty of cool toys for the slayer to find in the DC universe, plus the Light has his blood so that could make for a really cool plot point down the line. I love doom and I love creative works like this, but I'd take a guess and say the author finds all the comments talking about how doomguy is the best character of all time and struggles with nothing just a little bit annoying so please try to be more courteous, they're writing this because they enjoy it, don't make them want to stop. Sorry about the long rant but scrolling through the comments and seeing all the comments is really annoying so i can only imagine how the writer feels looking through, just try to leave some constructive criticism or reasonable suggestions, ok? Ok rant over sorry again
1/26/2022 c2 1A.N.S.N.A
please update this story.I like this story
1/20/2022 c2 Guest
The Praetor Suit is stated to be immune to everything in the UAC's Possession which includes a "2 Megakelvin cutting laser" and he has survive the detonation of the Argent Tower in Doom 2016.
1/20/2022 c2 Alex
The Doom Slayer is a Primeval.

Primevals are Gods that are designated to protect a certain dimension. The Doom Slayer's dimension is our Dimension. The Earthly Realm.

They are the 2nd Strongest beings in the Doom franchise. right after the supreme God of Doom, the one that created Davoth, the First and Strongest Primeval who went on to create the Multiverse.

This renders him immortal unless killed by another Primeval(Doom Slayer)

This also gives him the ability to negate another Primeval's immortality.

He will also never stop getting stronger until he is killed by another Primeval. meaning that with every being the kills. He only get's stronger.

The Doom Slayer has kill Davoth the Dark Lord(who killed every other Primeval aside from him. and the Doom Slayer killed over 2.78422x10 Demons kill Count(as of Doom 2016) which further increased to all demons. when Davoth died. All the Demons died with him, The Khan Maykr and guessing by the fact that the Doomguy used to be a soldier and was ordered to fire on a unarmed civilians and punch his Commanding/Superior Officer who ordered Doomguy to fire upon innocent civilians. This shows that he will go as far as committing insubordination to protect innocent people at all cost.

The Doom Slayer killing Davoth means that he possesses the power of all Primevals and Demonic Forces of Hell Combine.

The Doom Slayer killing the Khan Maykr also gives him her powers. as she is the strongest of the Maykr Race.

The Doom Slayer killed the Icon of Sin. a unique Titan Which can destroyed a universe by instantly warping reality. This also means he absorbs the Icon of Sin Strength.

The Doom Slayer Praetor Suit is Nigh-indestructible by Human Standards by Human Standards to the point of being able to withstand Argent Energy which is very hot as hell and burns hotness of the Surface of the Sun than "Absolute Hot" which is "1,420,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, Celsius" almost "2,556,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, Degrees Fahrenheit" and mankind's strongest weaponry without suffering any damage.

What's even more impressive is that his body is ven durable than his Armor. as evidence by the fact that he sees showing of his biceps as more important than covering them with his Armor.

The Doom Slayer normally fights with Weapons powered by the Argent Energy. Which surpasses Absolute Hot in term of Temperature. and the Slayer stood in front of the Argent-powered explosion so powerful it caused reality to crack. resulting in the creation of a portal to hell itself.

Also every Power-Up the Doom Slayer absorb in game is literally him absorbing an entire city's worth of energy. and considering the Fact this this is something he does casually. It can be assumed that he possesses some degree of Energy Absorption.

With all these taken into account. The Doom Slayer Powers would be:

1. Immortality.
2. Immortality Negation.
3. Power Consumption.
4. Superhuman Strength.
5. Superhuman Durability.
6. Superhuman Endurance.
7. Superman Speed.
8. Unbound by Fate.
9. Fate Immunity.
10. other powers granted by Primeval Physiology.
11. The Powers of Davoth acquired via consumption.
12. The Power of all Primevals by extension of Killing Davoth the Dark Lord. who consumed them all and it acquired via Powered Consumption.
13. The Power of all Demons by extension of killing Davoth. who is linked to the dimensions of Hell and it acquired via Power Consumption.
14. The Power of the Icon of Sin and it acquired via Power Consumption.
15. The Power if the Khan Maykr and it acquired via Power Consumption.
16. The Power of Other Beings that he has killed and it acquired via Power Consumption.


1. "Indomitable Will":The Doom Slayer has immense Willpower. and capable of continuously killing Demons for Eons(Billons of Years) and undergoing immense mental trauma without giving up.

2. "Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant": The Doom Slayer is incredibly skilled in Hand-to-hand Combat starting of as a Soldier before undergoing harsh Sentinel training on Argent D'Nur as well as having spent Eons fighting Demons in Hell.

3. "Mastered Armed Combatant": The Doom Slayer is incredibly well verse in armed combat. starting of as a Soldier before undergoing harsh Sentinel training on Argent D'Nur as well as having spent Eons fighting the Demons of Hell.

4. "Mastered Strategist": The Doom Slayer is an incredible Strategist. Having undergone harsh Sentinel training and experienced eons fighting Demons of Hell.

5. "Master Overall Combatant": The Slayer's greatest combat feat would be overwhelming Davoth a being ehi is far more Older and more experienced. having prepdated the Multiverse and eradicated all other Primevals with the Exception of the Doom Slayer.

The Doom Slayer is ridiculously overpowered. Don't let the gameplay fool you. He's easily beyond Universal and possibly Multiversal.
1/14/2022 c2 Guest
Hey DaneNagai. There is a video called "DOOM Slayer's True Origin[ Richardson's Audio Logs]" by ExoTech DZ.
1/14/2022 c2 Guest
The Doom Slayer is a Primeval and He will NEVER ever stop gaining power and will never ever die. that means He is Infinitely grows in power and is immortal. He is already powerful enough to defeat the Dark Lord of the his Universe. and is a Complex Multiverses.

The Doom Slayer Praetor Suit is Nigh-indestructible and is impervious to all Physical Damage. He has Infinite Strength and Limitless Stamina and will never ever get tired with no food. no water. no recovery.
1/14/2022 c2 Guest
Hey DaneNagai. There is a video called "Why DOOM Guy is the Perfect Video Game Character..." By: The Beansprout.
1/13/2022 c2 Guest
Hey DaneNagai. There is a video on YouTube called "DOOM Eternal Lore - The Doom Slayer's Story Origins and Ascension" & "DOOM Eternal Lore - Weapons of Doom. The DOOM Slayer's Arsenal from Super Shotgun to The Crucible" by: My Name is Byf." He has some DOOM Lore on his Channel.
1/13/2022 c2 Guest
There is a video called "Why DOOM Guy is the Perfect Video Game Character..." By The Beansprout.
1/12/2022 c2 Guest
Please don't nerf the Doom Slayer. Because he has Infinite Strength and has Unlimited Stamina.
1/7/2022 c2 Guest
You should watch Midnight videos called "The Doom Slayer vs SCP-076 "Able", and "Doom Slayer vs Kratos"(Round 1 and Round 2). And "Could the Doom Slayer Survive series" please watch them.
1/7/2022 c1 Guest
Hey DaneNagai. You should watch some videos called: "How Strong is the Doom Slayer?" and "The Doom Slayer is WAY Stronger Than You Think." and "Explaining The Doom Slayer's INFINITE Power," and Explaining Doomguy's Superhuman Strength and Regeneration," by Midnight. He knows everything about the Doom Slayer.
1/4/2022 c2 Guest
in the Lore. The Doom Slayer surpresses his power by limiting himself to only using Bigger Guns because he was too powerful. in Fact, The Doom Slayer killed a Titan without using weapon and being naked with just his barefist. He vanquished the Titan.
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