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for Heir to the Blacksmith

1h c36 BJJPanda
Crazy chapter, at least Shirou will get an opportunity to really become a hero of legend, it would be really awesome if he killed the dragon
12h c36 1shattered sheild
Really enjoying the story but I feel this chapter was a bit of a let down. The latter half is interesting and I enjoyed the confrontation but the first half is really confusing.

First off, how is shiro tracing 8 divine constructs without breaking a breath? I have always felt that tracing ig-alima should be a challenge, an obstacle to prove how far he's come and yet this shiro traces multiple copies like it's nothing.

The entire section with the pyramid is disappointing. It starts well within moments of entering the team nearly all dies. This is good; it highlights how dangerous this is going to be and the value of having a servant capable of casting runes to explore a cursed pyramid. My problem is Scathach staying behind for the next 10 minutes to fight a mere beast. Medusa should stay behind and assist/recover. The knights should have enough combat experience to not push forward with half a team in a dangerous environment. This beast could be slain within a minute and give rider a chance to recover instead the team splits up and loses a big advantage.

Now you may argue against having the knights stay behind but this is a beast not a servant if it was a servant it would somewhat make sense for the knights not to interfere. Also what was the purpose for the hanging gardens maybe i'm wrong but did it have any benefit? Besides looking nice?

Now that was my thoughts on the first half of this chapter but the latter half was amazing. I loved seeing the goddesses appear and seeing the reality marble be deployed, really looking forward to what the reality marble looks like and how badly it misses up ishtar. On a side note the world is not ready for Ilya the apostle.
2/29 c36 Guest
i want see shirou in Chaldea arc this is so interesting
3/1 c36 NameEntry25
Shirou Muramasa be like: My name is Shirou Muramasa. You killed my loved ones. Prepare to die. *hurls UBW to the trio*


Sakurakama: My idea was just to tease him a bit! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT ISHTAR! (i totally wanted to see him writhe in despair but i need to save my own ass)

Astraluvia: Sherou forgive me, i tried to stop them but Kama blocke-

Shirou: You did this... for a joke? Gil, release restraints, unleash the blade that cleaves the world... *Gilgamesh starts glowing red and somehow spinning*

Rinstar: Ch! That damned golden blade! I won't let you! Gateway OPEN!... Huh, its not opening... I have no Authority in this Texture...


Astarluvia: APOLOGIZE TO HIM NOW, ITS NOW OR NEVER *grabs both kama and ishtar up by the back of their necks with each neck on each hand and SLAMS BOTH FACE DOWN on the green grass while kneeling* WE'RE SORRY!

The looming red threat to their new rebirth faded to motes of red, but wrath remained on the face and mind of the King of Blades. The countless blades around him and the three? goddesses are vibrating and thrumming with power, ready to strike jugdement upon those who stole his loved ones. The air grew thick upon the goddessess' breath, miffed by the fact that the man that stood in front of them had Authority above them.(even more for Ishtar and Kama, for dirt was shoved in their nostrils and mouth for kissing the ground hard)

"Explain why i shouldn't eliminate all of you. No more jokes. I will kill you all if they are dead, regardless if you wear their faces."
2/28 c36 Ghostly
I really don’t like the idea of any of the girls having to die in the story unless there is somehow a way for Shirou to bring them back later on. However, I don’t mind if they were rendered critically injured but within the range of being able to be treated back to full health (In about a week) after their possessors are dealt with. What of Caren? She also has a spirit that possess her body as a vessel during Grand Order.

If the omake in the chapter is canon, than there may be a way to save Illya but at the cost of her possibly becoming a Counter Guardian. Basically, Illya’s appearance changes to that of Chloe. This is just my thought.
2/28 c36 fan
I love this story so much it is the best please update it in the next 2 weeks it is painful to wait a month
2/28 c36 Ghostly
I would prefer that the girls were to be brought back alive…..along with stealing the goddesses powers. For Illya, I don’t know how we’re going to bring her back intact?

2/28 c36 Guest
pretty heavy battle occurring, things really have gone to shit
2/28 c36 Kouteikuro
Excellent Cap.

What I don't understand is what the other goddesses were doing there. I understand that Ishtar appears because Shiro is Gilgamesh's heir, but the other goddesses have no real reason to be there. Especially Kama who seeks to make Shiro suffer without any real context, I understand that his role is to cause suffering, but there is nothing that connects them to Kama or Hinduism.
2/27 c36 Lol
Way too many random asspulls to cause unnecessary drama and angst at the end. Story quality kinda fell off a cliff at the end.
2/29 c36 mohammed252f
Thats all i am asking pls dont kill any of them
2/29 c36 mohammed252f
Amazing chapter but on a side note PLEASE DONT KILL ANY OF THE GIRLS PLEASE
2/29 c36 ineedmoresaintquartz
You can't just leave me like this. Waiting a whole MONTH. The hype is way too high to cope with waiting an entire month. This is the behavior one would expect from a Beast of Humanity. Joking aside, the anticipation is killing me and I really cannot wait for next month to roll around
2/29 c36 james30olinares
Hopefully, Shirou can instill a fucking pure unadulterated fear to Ishtar.
2/28 c36 StayBlessed
Amazing chapter, though I had to go back and re-read to understand all the different goddesses at play. It was kind if hard to follow who was who, but that may just be me lacking in reading comprehension lol. I'm glad your betas talked you out of killing off some if the girlfriends, and why is one of the betas so eager to kill off Sakura? Lol. I probably would've dropped this personally even if it's literally one of my favorites. I'm just not a fan of killing of characters like that, though Fate is definitely the type of franchise where that can happen. That's why I always try to stick to the routes where everybody makes it out okay. Congrats on your soon graduation, and though I'm sure your parents are being annoying, they're likely just coming from a place of love and experience. Try to listen to their advice, cause take it from a 31 year old who wishes he would have listened, a lot of times they are usually right in the end! Really looking forward to the next chapter, and thank you for this wonderful story!
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