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9/24 c3 zackyhizra10
I gotta ask, what is David and Nia detail appearance ive been curious of that
9/21 c5 QuestingforBitches
Shadow Lugia, huh?
Now THAT is a change of pace. When I heard Subject 02 I thought "oh great Mewtwo attacks the again, never seen that before" but great job surprising me. I'll be following this for sure
9/20 c5 1Poseidon93
Great chapter!
9/20 c5 Mazzax Manacry
I’ve really been enjoying the story so far! I think you’ve done a really good job with the characterizations, making everyone act like real people.

I did notice a couple typo-type errors in this chapter: at one point, you wrote, “ He also saw several Pokémon not native to Kanto, like a Mareep being admired for its fluffy coat, but they were far and in between.” The saying is “few and far between.”
Also, you wrote “Ariel Ace”, instead of “Aerial Ace“. Ariel is the Disney character.

One thing that I understand David not thinking of, but that would have had a greater chance of achieving his goal of keeping Petrel from escaping, is that he could have targeted their helicopter instead of their Pokémon. I would have been shocked if neither Petrel or Archer had a flying-type Pokémon they could use to escape instead, but only battling their Weezing & Mismagius left Petrel & Archer free to do whatever. He could also have tried to use multiple members of his team, but that probably wouldn’t have actually changed the outcome, because it’s not like Petrel & Archer only brought the two Pokémon with them, and they could have escalated if they felt there was enough of a threat.

On another note, I’m a little disappointed that the organizers didn’t have multiple tournaments, separated by experience, or number of badges, or something. I can understand them choosing not to do that, though, especially since it turned out only two competitors were experienced enough that they outclassed everyone else there to a comical degree, and there wasn’t an entrance fee to the tournament itself.
9/16 c5 Guest
The only problem I have is that iron tail deflected an electric attack. Metal conducts electricity so it should have absorbed it.
9/16 c5 Guest
Wow what a twist I love it
9/16 c5 spandan
this is is a really good story
cant wait for next chap especially since dory has evolved
9/16 c5 Guest
Dang is really good. Just loved the ending
9/15 c5 raph
Let's be honest here Ash is a terrible trainer and the only reason he ever really wins until waaaaay later in the show is either power of friendship or plot armor
9/17 c5 Bigguy45
Is totadile his now or what? and what part of the story are you gonna evolve Thalia?
9/17 c1 colbylast
I would like it if every team rocket encounter wasn't some massive life or death event. And I don't see why the protagonist is so desperate to stick his nose into it and get himself killed. This is the second time he's plot-armored his way to surviving. He's just blindly running in for no reason then surviving on a coincidence or a lucky break.
9/17 c5 Kiri TheFrenchReader
Thanks for this chapter, it's my favorite right now !
It was sure, Dory was going to evolve in this chapter ! But it was still a great moment !
I hope to see the rest soon but as they say : Patience is a virtue.
9/17 c2 BuddhaBuddha
Enjoying the story. Hope it stays this good.
9/17 c4 Kiri TheFrenchReader
Good chapter, Dory the best Magikarp here !
I bet she's probably evolving on the St. Anne to save David when he drowned when he falls into the water after a fight with the team rocket !
Or something like that ? xd
9/17 c1 BuddhaBuddha
Promising so far.
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