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for Happily Ever After: the 124th Hunger Games

7/7/2021 c2 GildedArcher
Amazing addition to the prologue! I really like where you are going with Aurelian and his future plans for ending the games. I'm left on the edge of my seat! I can't wait for the rest of this story to unfold!
6/24/2021 c2 3Lilah32
This looks interesting! I love how the characters we've met so far are so different than the usual stereotypes. Am I allowed to submit multiple tributes?
6/23/2021 c2 2MeTheFanatic19
No thots only hype lessgo
OOOH BRAILLE! I like where this is coming from! Aurelian is *SUCH* an amazing character. He's a wonderful play on the typical I-want-to-kill-everyone President trope! I liked the number of questions scattered throughout the prologue, and how unsure of himself the President is. It makes him seem human instead of a deity or something of the sort.
The last five lines gave me chills. I adored how you used the rose as a symbol there! The petals and thorns metaphor is pretty common, but the context here made it amazing. The first person POV is honestly so well done, and it gives so much scope for internal monologue, which I high-key simp for.
The name of the chapter and the quote at the beginning were *Chef's kiss* I have a feeling we'll be able to get a broader view of Panem, beyond Capitol propaganda in HEA and I, for one, cannot wait. Brilliantly done guys!

Until next time,
Trish 3
6/23/2021 c1 MeTheFanatic19
Right off the bat, the beginning quote makes me go 'awwweeeee'. I love how you're incorporating this magical feel into something as morbid as the hunger Games. Llori is an intriguing character and I can't wait to learn more about her and why she has trust issues! We love traumatised Gamemakers :wink:
Perdissa...I haven't seen enough of her this chapter to have an opinion, but she seems to be one of the few people who really understand Llori? If thats the case, I would assume either Llori to be extremely detached and difficult, or Perdissa to be extremely considerate and kind with everyone.
Either ways, I enjoyed this prologue! It was a great introduction to this amazing concept you guys have developed. It was a little on the shorter side for me, maybe because it had more dialogue, but thats okay! You guys already have another prologue posted so I cannot wait to read that as well.
Hype hype hype!

Until next time,
Trish 3
6/22/2021 c2 2averyrandomauthor
A rebellious president?! Okay now this is something else, and I love it. The balance of power shifting in Llori's favour and how Aurelian is basically more of a ceremonial figurehead is so unique and the fact that Aurelian is visually impaired is yet another unique touch that I find incredibly interesting and this is honestly the first president of Panem I've read in an SYOT that I love, so kudos to ya'll for coming up with Aurelian! Here, Llori is portrayed in a bit more of a negative light and I love her less since I'm viewing her through the lens of Aurelian who dislikes her, although I like that we get to see a darker side of her Games-loving self. And the bit at the end with Snow's roses? Stunning, really great bit of writing there. I'm loving this, keep up the great work!

6/21/2021 c2 6kenzieq15
OK BUT THE INTO THE WOODS REFERENCE? THANK YOU FOR THAT. THE THEATER KID INSIDE ME IS SCREAMING. Can’t wait for the tributes to be released! Good luck getting more tributes!
6/21/2021 c1 2averyrandomauthor
Hello there! Fairytale-inspired SYOT, eh? That sounds like a super cool idea and I'm all for it. This first prologue to me has a bit of a lighthearted and more whimsical feel than most and that's really cool because most prologues in SYOTs are quite dark and not exactly the most cheery, yet here Perdissa is so sweet and I love Llori too and the way they're incorporating the fairytales into the Games. The president seems rather nice compared to most presidents too, and overall its a really unique and cool prologue for an SYOT! Nice job guys, I'm excited for more!

6/13/2021 c1 4BradiLain
Awwww, guys! This is such a cute idea. I can't wait to see how the fairy tales end up being incorporated into this story. I'm a mad sucker for fairy tales, so I will have to read along and submit for sure.

This is a great little intro chapter, too. I like both of these characters and how they sort of play off of each other. They'll be fun to follow for sure!
6/12/2021 c1 26Firedawn'd
hii lexi and miri! i just want to say I'm so excited that u guys are doing this, its so ! aaaah HYPE! imma give u guys a liveblog as I read this chap which I'm sure is already amazing

ok first off i just wanted to say that this prolog is so cute. i love the look into the capitol library: the grandiose and ancient atmosphere you build with it is amazing, and then the references to grimm's tales and old storytales is just ! so cute.

i adore the connection of "brutal fights and daring escapes" with the games: ughhh like i cannot TELL you how hot that idea is.

AND STOPPPP ITTTTTT THEY ARE SO GAY AND CUTE WTFKDSGLKDFG okay i genuinely was not expecting to see Gay Shit and this makes me so happy like. genuinely. my heart lept. the babes theyre so adorable fcukskdfsklg off. babes. i love them.

llori? head gamemaker? more like "good afternoon mr president i was speaking with my gf just now and i want to make her a fairytale games bc shes innocent and i love her very much"... i appreciate the head wlw in charge

thank u both so much for writing!
6/11/2021 c1 Radio Free Death
[It's so empty nowadays, what with the recent shift to online resources. The dark oak doors, the marble arches, are too grandiose for this silence, too much a remnant of a past world.]

Well, no. While it's true that libraries might be shrinking, they're actually evolving to fit the rise of ebooks for example. It's not like day one, print media is now available online, day two, libraries are empty.

[Most of the books are boring, administrative ledgers so I head over to other shelves. Soon I'm just pulling out books at random and flipping through until my hand catches on a book that's slightly smaller than the rest.]

Why is she in the administrative section of the library? Does she not know that shelves are sorted by subject? It reads like she's just wandering to a shelf, pulling books out at random, and they're not organized in any way.

[A copy of literature from before the Destruction of North America: entitled Grimm's Fairy Tales is what the title reads.]

The title sounds like a thesis paper than an actual book. It would just be called 'Grimm's Fairy Tales', unless we're to believe they tack on that sidenote on every book written before Panem's rise to power.

[My breath catches in my throat as I'm sucked into the world of magic and happily ever after, so different from the real one that's grounded in logic and limitations.]

Really? She's never been introduced to any kind of folk tales growing up, stories simplified for children, anything? It would make much more sense if she's more enamored by a former culture's tales and how they're different from her own.
6/10/2021 c1 2AuroraMiri25
HI bestie I know I shouldn't be reviewing my own story but I love this and I'm so excited for everything to come! Loved working with you and writing this prologue :)

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