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9/10 c10 Nicketje02
8/23 c10 keyblade master cole
Would it be possible to add Uta to the harem I feel like she would be great with luffy.
8/19 c10 erasenpai946
It was a good chapter, and apparently Nojiko will soon have a piece of the captain (first Nami, now Nojiko, I hope the next one is Desire), if Luffy eats another Devil Fruit, if not the Gomu Gomu no Mi, it would be cool Goru goru? (the Treasure fruit, I don't remember the name) would solve any problem with the gang's money (Nami would love it)

PS: But for the harem the only ones that I personally hope are confirmed in the harem are Robin, Nami, Nojiko, Hancock, Yamato and Reiju, and I hope Desire (because of you I started to like her more) having them honestly I don't care a lot for which women will enter
8/17 c10 Uchicha ASHU
Good chapter!
I honestly find the whole Drum Island Arc as the most boring be it in cannon or fan fiction as not much happens as a whole and Wapol being a severely immature and non threatening antagonist especially to a powerful crew like in this story.
So not much to say about this chapter as a whole other than I am glad that it is over and we can move to far more action packed Alabasta Arc.
Looking forward to read more especially about the impending Luffy-Ace reunion.
Thanks for the chapter!
8/16 c10 1Some randombot
Pretty good story please continue
8/10 c10 itsdatboyric
Bro nice chapter it would be interesting to see Luffy with a second df and how you would incorporate it into your story
8/8 c10 Nami4Life
Good chapter. Both Nami and Miki are cured and well. We got Chopper and wapol took a a beating. Luffy putting his strawhat on Nojiko’s head was a nice moment too, as was Nami noticing the look in her sister’s eyes, lol. I don’t think Luffy should get a second fruit tbh, he has barely started to use his current one efficiently. If his rate of growth mirrors canon, post time-skip he will be a monster anyway. Give a fruit to one of the weaker members. Kill off Bellamy and give his fruit to Gin or Nojiko possibly. They then have upto and including the time-skip to learn how to use it well. Give Nami enel’s fruit or maybe she discovers a weather based fruit on weatheria, have her learn to use it properly on weatheria with expert help during time-skip. At Enies Lobby get funkfreed and give it to Silk, she will be at a good level by then. There are also the dials on Skypeia that can be used. Just some ideas I think could work. The possibilities are endless.
8/8 c10 Kingred1994
Good chapter i am for luffy to having a second fruit even i can't think of one in particular , and i am definitely hype for your version of alabasta
8/7 c10 zzkaizer
Ooohhhh new chapter :D
Can’t wait for the next one XD
Wonder what kind of filler it would be
Keep up the excellent work :D
8/7 c10 1TheGreatBubbaJ
At least everyone got to do something, and with more hands there are less pointless damages to the civilians and such.
8/7 c10 InfinityMask
This chapter kinda fragmented? Doesn’t flow as good as usual.

I’m surprised after Zoro and attack and buggy ball wapol still comes. Lol.
8/7 c10 ayubayesha726
So, uta will be part of luffy's harem. Will you have her joing the strawhat pirates?
8/7 c10 Mario 64
I'm interested in seeing luffy get a second Devil fruit one kind of devil fruit comes to mind that be the devil fruit enal has the guy who has the ability to control lighting and likes to call himself a god I think it's called the lighting lighting fruit also could you add uta to join luffys crew and hearm because these two have known each other since they were kids and there both competitive and try to out due each other in competitions that they do together and even tease each other plus they both share history with shanks she's from the new one piece film red movie she definitely deserves to be in the story because there's very little stories involving them together less than 10 stories if I remember right her devil fruit is called sing sing fruit it is definitely a very powerful devil fruit from what she's shown during the movie
8/7 c10 27InsaneMakaioshin
3. Disappointing.
8/7 c10 1ShadowRealmComics
Hmmm, its been awhile since I read this story and nice to reread it and the newest chapter. I I love the fact that you are not rushing the women screwing Luffy right off the bat and not pairing Luffy with every female that they meet remembering other characters. Keep it up for I look forward to the future of this story.
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