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for A second chance that will not be wasted

1/25 c21 mgasmsms
Happy new year. Any word of more chapters this year?
9/2/2022 c21 Josh Foster1
What’s the point of going back in time if he literally doesn’t do anything new he saves Shizuoka yay he releases veldora early but puts him in imaginary space literally changing nothing he doesn’t do anything new which is extremely annoying don’t read if you don’t want what amounts to a rehash of canon with minor changes that don’t affect anything at all 1 out of 10 planning to drop story permanently unless he actually does things new
8/24/2022 c20 Singular Ash
Glad to see this again.
Nice work
8/20/2022 c1 amongus
red sus
7/21/2022 c1 Guest
Great Sage is here that means all of it was not a dream— so is it assume that I have been saved by an enigmatic existence. I went outside and do my morning stretches first and went on the public bath. I am grateful and all but its still a riddle to me

I'm not oblivious nor dense I already have a suspect on my mind on who the enigma is but the event is just too unnatural for me. For starters, I can't even believe something like that happened...

So what is my lifespan right now..?

[Answer: Shizue Izawa's physical body is in her 20's and the Spiritual core is good as new— There is a 97% Shizue Izawa will live for another 100 years as a human, If things remain the same.]

So someone really did completely restored me

So what do you mean if things remain the same?

[Report: After acquiring a lot of abilities there is a 60% chance of hatching a Hero's Egg.]

That left me dumb astonished

[Hypothetically, if you awakened as a True Hero, Lifespan will be infinite]

Or so she reported, but that is not my concern— I think I found hope on my last journey... not because my Lifespan got prolonged but that enigmatic entity just created a spirit right? that's what my journey is for... If this someone has the ability to create Spirits or similar life forms he or she has the ability to save those children from the brink of their fate.

Kenya, Alice, Gale, Ryota, and Chloe I'm gonna find who this enigmatic individual is— and I'm gonna save all of you.
7/19/2022 c19 Singular Ash
Holy shit bro this is one of the best things I’ve read in awhile. Even though I don’t get a lot of the references to the later stuff because I didn’t read the manga, it’s still well paced and easy to understand. I really look forward to more of this.
6/23/2022 c19 3Jam-Man265
I get the strangest sensation you had a lot of fun writing this chapter~.
5/14/2022 c17 Jam-Man265
I really like the dialogue between Rimuru and Benimaru here, it has a LOT more "oomph" than it did in the original timeline/show.

Also, the thing with Shizue and the kabobs was just TOO cute~! We need more Shizue/Rimuru moments in this fandom~!
4/30/2022 c18 Misaka Phenex
yandere ciel? well I kinda wanna see a yandere Shizu
4/29/2022 c18 SHrineguard
Nice to see an update again. I'm really enjoying this story.
4/15/2022 c1 Wheelerfortune
Will this fit ever be continued? It shows lots of promise and potential! I honestly like time travel/restart fics like this! It's also well-written.
3/5/2022 c16 1Dominatroy
Amazing story. def what I would have wanted if I thought "what if rimuru failed in the WN ending?". I give this fanfic a 10/10. Please continue writing this story!
2/17/2022 c16 Guest
I am enjoying the story. Will there be more?
1/3/2022 c16 3Jam-Man265
Not bad... though the ending segment feels a little phoned in.
12/29/2021 c15 mgasmsms
Sorry if I sound like one more asshole but, are we going to have another update before the end of the year?
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