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for Lord of Swords

2/25 c3 Guest
2/18 c13 Onetimejester67
I ignore all the parts with you in them
2/17 c1 Allnaks
espero y puedas seguir continuandola
2/9 c13 Guest
Very good fic, fun to read interesting plot with a notable expansion in the overall world of Percy Jackson. Risky, definitely risky but so far it all seems to work.

I've enjoyed reading this and hope to see far more of it in the future.

Yeah I've got nothing for who could possibly push Shirou to deploy UBW in his current state. I could see him doing it for Artemis and their hunters. After all a goddess of the hunt is a lot to manage on his own and pile that on with an additional battalion of ranged fighters and you get a very potent mix. But getting to that point would be a long drawn out struggle and even then...

He would still not do it unless he was using it to protect something very precious to him.

So what was he protecting and who was he protecting it from? That's the real question. Can't wait to find out the answer.
1/11 c13 Voltsy
two more chapters (probably) two more chapters and we'll be able to see shirou and saber reunite
1/8 c13 Guest
I’ve binge read this all today, and I am very satisfied with my choice. I would dearly like more, I am thoroughly enjoying this.
1/8 c1 Guest
Consider this my official vote of support. This is a very good read.
1/5 c13 hudson3447
loving this story so far. ant wait for the next update!
12/27/2023 c13 pietrodeglie
Possessive Seiba for the win.
Can't wait gor the next chapter.
12/24/2023 c13 1Talking Pumpkin
I love this story so much haha. Thank you for updating! By chance do you know when the next chapter will be released? That was a really big cliffhanger haha
12/24/2023 c13 JumpingToaster
The fic continues to live. Slowly but surely it keeps moving forward.
12/23/2023 c13 EnviousScroll
Love this story, please update when you can
12/22/2023 c13 Lugal Kug-ga
...FFFFFFFFFUUUCCCCKKK! what a cliffhanger!

I'm hoping for saber x Shirou x rider. Though I guess I'm hoping for too much, as me hoping for an update soon.
12/21/2023 c12 Guest
12/21/2023 c6 kirito3229sao
Shirou x Scáthach
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