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9/22 c10 negi83
still hoping for ShiroxRider
9/22 c10 1Narutaard
Was kinda hoping a ShiroxRider situation to happen, but it seems the author decided to make this Gerret guy her love interest. Or at least that's what I'm getting from their interactions so far. Still hope there's some semblance of ShiroxRider though. Cuz that was what drawn me into the story the first time when this story only had few chapters. It was exciting knowing both Rider and Shiro were here but
haven't met yet. It was also at that point that we didn't know which version of Shiro we were dealing with. Though it looks like this is a ShiroxSaber fic. The pairings are even set, before this story didn't have the [Arturia Pendragon, Shiro E.] tag on it.
9/21 c10 Guest man
Finally Shirou and Rider have met, so now I hope you can focus more on the PJ side of the story, cause I agree with other reviewers that it barely feels like a crossover and you have spent imo too much time with the OC and those things, its not that i disliked, i can say that I like Brian (and thats surprising cause usually I dont give a fuck about OCs, ngl) but I think it took too much time for how little important he is

That said i hope that Shirou and Rider talk much more about HF route, I want to see Shirou react about him having to kill Saber, that has to be heartbreaking

Btw, you made a mistake about Shinji, in Fate route he was killed by Illya after Rider's defeat. And the whole Caster attacking Sakura was just smth from the Deen anime, i think, at least the whole bondage suit in the underground thing

I really like the story, its one im eagerly waiting for an update, i just hope that you progressed a bit more with the plot. I just want my boy Shirou to find best girl already tbh

Oh, almost forgot, i plead you dont listen some of the reviewers asking for another shitty harem. Making an harem with Fate route Shirou feels even insulting after all the shit he does just to be with Artoria, and more with Rider of all ppl who has 0 interactions with him in this route.

So please, leave this story just as a SwordxSheath fic
9/20 c10 JumpingToaster
I briefly imagined the golems as Cybertronian expies.
9/20 c10 2theMoon
this was pretty good I hope you update soon
9/20 c9 1Dimihd
Your Shirou has an unnatural desire for violence and murder.
9/20 c10 Dimihd
Your work is not bad, but somehow don’t feel the soul in your work. There is no smoothness of the narration, and the emotions of the characters are rather dry, do not evoke an emotional response. Therefore, there is no feeling humanity. Everything that happens seems unreasonable.

Please try to add Shiro at least such attributes as morality, compassion, a sense of justice. The character is not felt at all. Without these attitudes, joy, doubt, anger do not make sense.
9/19 c10 Exodus12345
Hmm well endowed Artoria is always better. I can't wait to see Shirou's face when he meets her.
9/19 c10 DOOT76

They are way too good to be left as mere outtakes.
9/19 c10 1SentinalSlice
I like how Shirou is a bit wary of Rider. It’ll be interesting to see them interact more, because all Shirou has is bad memories of her. But I wonder if she will be able to help Shirou with his divine heritage. I’m assuming she retained the information she learned from the grail, that would give her a basic understanding of most legends, not enough to recognize them super easily, but enough that if given the right information she could probably recognize what something is.
And given her past as a goddess maybe she could help even more.
9/19 c10 Sergeant Soul Snatcher
I know just about fuck all about which Fate timeline is which. Could you tell me which timeline this shirou and artoria/medusa come from?
9/19 c10 1Righello Di'Tutti
9/19 c10 please don't1
love the story and keep up the good work!
9/19 c10 The Beast of Sanity
A fun read as always. I look forward to the next chapter.
9/19 c10 8Quathis
And Shirou's life gets a bit better and a bit more complicated on top of everything. The omake did get me laughing. Until next time.
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