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12/16/2023 c13 1ChaosSpartan999
Wait! Agressive, powerful, possessive, European but not a member of the heavens…..Treasure?! Is she what I think you’re going for?
If so, quite an interesting take you’ve got going here! Fits her quite nicely.
12/16/2023 c13 tylerbraden13
Bruhhh i need the next chapter this was such a cliffhanger
12/16/2023 c13 Pogs21
More 0lease
12/16/2023 c13 Bucio
What a surprise to see a new chapter of this fic, specifically more from the side of Artoria and her trip to America, under the pretext of meetings, I suppose you could say politics, to actually look for her treasure

Mmm, given how Artoria expresses herself, and certain details, it means that she has a relationship with Dragons (or is a Dragon), in addition to the fact that her appearance here is that of her Lancer version in FGO (Lancer or Ruler?)

Also seeing part of her encounters, first with Artoria and Marise (who believes Artoria's words regarding her Treasure are exaggerated, especially about his culinary skills) finding a envoy from Heaven (OC, or from the PJ franchise? or another X- Over), and then with the Greek Gods (who are currently dealing with the events of the Lightning Thief), with Artoria and her assistant finding Hermes who guides them and who Artoria stops dead in his obvious attempts to flirt with her (When comparing her to Aphrodite, what I would expect, just for fun, is for the Goddess of Love to find out about it later, and even more so with Dite mocking Hermes, by telling him how impossible what he was trying to do is, by realizing she who Artoria is)

The meeting with 4 of the main Olympians went without problems, with Artoria not giving as many explanations of the reason for her visit to America, only that she needs to get something back, and in exchange for being left alone, giving them an interesting object that may or may not change a lot of the canon in PJ (in addition to the presence of Shirou, Artoria and Rider), with Zeus immediately accepting (although, given previous chapters, how likely is it that Zeus will choose Shirou, offering him, in exchange for Shirou allying himself with them, the Orb of Origin - Zeus knows that Shirou has abilities, but I think he does not know that he is a godling, hence it would not be strange if the redhead was a strong candidate in the eyes of Zeus - given Shirous previous actions of eliminating monsters and protecting demigods - , to become an agent of the Gods of Olympus)

And just after Artoria and Marise leave the reunion (an exit that seemed too abrupt and that could have been handled better or with a simple change of scene), they meet Hestia (where we see that Artoria's faction seems to be aware of the problems that looming related to the Greek Gods) and just when they were talking to her, Artoria feels a very familiar energy (the same thing that Rider and Garret had perceived before), which makes her act immediately, leaving behind a very surprised Marise and Hestia

Well, everything seems to indicate that Shirou encountered something/someone that forces him to use UBW (the radical faction of the Fae?), well at least reinforcements are on the way (Artoria on the one hand - the reunion between Sword and Sheath, or now, Dragon and her Treasure would be soon apparently - and Rider and Garret on the other, heh, let's hope Medusa stops the Grimm from committing suicide by attacking a Dragon, especially someone Rider knows very well)

Good luck and keep it up
12/16/2023 c13 4fangs of death
great chapter
12/16/2023 c13 Artyk04
get your man Artoria!
12/16/2023 c13 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story
12/16/2023 c13 PasiveNox
Great chapter
12/16/2023 c13 Seeking the Miraculous Dream
Neat to see how Artoria is being quite assertive when it comes to getting her man.
12/15/2023 c13 2DannyPhantom619
Nice to see Artoria and Rider!Medusa
12/15/2023 c13 Iketatsu Shizuru
Reading Arturia Pendragon in her Lancer Class for this chapter (after declaring "FINALLY!" for coming across an update to this story)…

Heh heh heh, it reminds me of Yasakani An’s hentai doujin featuring Arturia-Lancer, as mentioned earlier (some of them also had Arturia-Lancer-Alter, Arturia-Ruler and Mysterious Heroine X) with 'shota' Shirou Emiya!

Ah… Memories~
12/15/2023 c11 2Brave2000
You could just pair rider with shirou too. Our fellow swords expert is pretty much the proto harem protagonist afterall
12/15/2023 c13 Shen1412
It will be Armageddon
12/15/2023 c13 Winter Metor
Damn you author and your cliffhanger. Hope you update soon
12/15/2023 c13 Brave2000
Artoria and Medusa have felt his return! The hero of wrought iron! At last, it's all coming together. This chapter was amazing! Cant wait to see what happens next!
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