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12/15/2023 c13 keybladelight
Happy to see this story back and man I can wait to see the greedy Greeks gods find what is artoria precious treasure hope they find it or hope that aphrodite try to claim shirou but he true love is for one person only hope medusa well rider join shirou adventure and be reunited with her old friend saber.

I see that Artoria as the appearance of lancer class servant but is she still fight like her old appearance saber class servant.

Can wait to see Merlin's prophecy come true to see the sword and sheath reunited so that they can make love in bed like they did mana transfer in their old world in the 5th holy grail war.
12/15/2023 c13 Raging Drake
After all this time and it leads to a cliff hanger, it physically hurts
12/15/2023 c13 grant.walker581
love the chapter and can't wait for more!

so shirou did something, most likely deployment of a reality marble level thing if not his reality marble.

wonder what insanity shirou pulled out exactly.

also wonder what exactly did shirou face to pull out his reality marble itself against.

I really wonder who shirou's divine parent is.

I think that's everything?

12/15/2023 c13 1SentinalSlice
Kind of counterproductive to ask them not to interfere with finding Shirou, but to also not tell them that Shirou is the one you are searching for, especially when they are also looking for Shirou.
12/15/2023 c13 REYZERO
Un poco... Bastante corto el capitulo para mí gusto, me preguntaba cuando ibas a incorporar la historia de shirou con la de los libros/películas/historia principal/pero viendo cómo se está desarrollando no me importa que te tomes otros capítulos mas expandiendo el mundo.

También antes de este capítulo te iba a pedir que hicieras está historia un Shirou X Raider, en vista de que los dos están en un nuevo mundo perdidos y lejos de un ser querido como Arthuria o Sakura creí que podría desarrollarse algo como un romance o un amistad mas cercana de lo que vemos en muchas de estas historias.

Cómo sea no creo que ahora sea posible y considerando que no planeabas así tu historia no voy a insistir mas. Aún que podrías agregar mas rasgos de Shirou muramasa a la historia, como el decidiendo no seguir los pasos de Archer y en cambio seguir otro camino forjando espadas y creando códigos misticos que terminen desconcertando a los dioses y magos por lo diferentes que son a la magia que conocen.

Buenas historia sigue asi
12/15/2023 c12 SentinalSlice
Saber calling Shirou her treasure makes me think that something has gone wrong with her and she went crazy.
12/15/2023 c13 8Jebest4781
Fun entry here and boy Artoria is here and was present all along, reason why Shirou's summoning was faulty. Can't wait for their reunion now.
12/15/2023 c13 TrueVirtuoso
oh yeah... does ORT exist in your fic?
12/9/2023 c12 Artyk04
Re reading this, I am now part of ROCK AND STONE! FOR KARL!
12/6/2023 c12 red skull 564
God this story is so good
10/31/2023 c12 Tanks
10/26/2023 c12 The Timeline
So sad it’s dead. Why do all good fanfic just stop like this at the best time ? Why ?
10/11/2023 c1 E
Egregious spelling mistakes, not even typos. My boy just doesn't know how to spell.

I'm out of here. No need to even comment on all the other problems.
I'm sure the plot's probably fine, but the presentation is wack.
9/19/2023 c12 2YetiGoZeti300
All my favorites are all stopped. While I do not mind the wait, I am concerned. Life has a way of tearing us from certain things.
This story you're making may not be high on your priority list, but at least it's in the back of your mind.
Best of luck.
9/17/2023 c12 Guest
Just loving the expanded lore you’ve given in this fic for Pjo.
Awaiting the reunion between these two!
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