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for As Close as Siblings

5/14 c9 1insanemaelstorm
This was great. Love the bond between Naruto and rias. Hope you continue this story
5/2 c9 LockieBoy1819
Awesome story mate can't wait for the next chapter your doing a fantastic job hope you update soon, have a great day and stay safe.
4/29 c9 Guest
This is honestly one of the BEST stories in this crossover I've ever read. Wished the updates were more frequent, but oh well, keep up the awesome work!
4/28 c7 Guest
I wouldn't say he's evil or flawed, just trash.

To me, Evil is someone with the heart and POWER to make others miserable. For example, dictators like Hitler and Putin are evil, they get off on using their powers to make others suffer just because it fills them with joy. THAT'S Evil.

Flawed is like a stressed and struggling husband who every ONCE AND A WHILE, gets drunk and slaps his wife but regrets it when he sobers up, THAT'S flawed.

Trash are people just warped by their own weakness and lack of will that they conform to the ways of their environment because they're too weak minded and weak spirited to try to change. For example, most thugs and gangsters are trash, because they're given opportunity, and throw it away because they just can't muscle up the courage to try to change things. This isn't aimed at any culture or race, not just street gangs, but mobsters are this way too. Hell they're probably worse because considering in the mob, they more than likely have the money and resources, not to mention political backing to do something with their life, but a lot of mob parents DON'T necessarily want their kids following in their footsteps. That's why a lot of mob kids don't learn of their parents activities until they grow up, because 'Boss Daddy' isn't usually thinking "Son, I want you to keep doing what I do, dodge rivals and cops all your life", they usually want them to get out, hell many mobsters JOIN to provide for their families, so if the kids decide to follow in their footsteps, they're just trash who didn't even try to make a different.

FYI, privileged people are trash too, because they have all that wealth, and waste it all on a glorified MTV style party. So yeah, Maul isn't evil or flawed, he's just another broken cog in the machine of Lilith's slums.
4/29 c9 7Wally991
I just want to see everyone thinking that Kurama is an assassin or that she has ulterior motives to get close to Naruto, then seen their reaction when all she asks is for forgiveness
4/21 c9 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome chap! Really looking forward to seeing more.

Also, I really hope you don't bring any other characters from Naruto into this, otherwise it'll just ruin the story...

And can you please change FemKyuubi name? It's weird to name her kurama when she's a woman, how about naming her tamamo? It'll certainly be less weird.
4/21 c6 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome chap! I really hope you post the lemons here! The lemons would be great read in this site, so yea go for it! And yes to incest! LMAO incest go!

True, heck someone even told me once that said someone caught kids at the age of 7-9 having sex, lol.
4/10 c9 NoFocus
Nice story. Really liking it so far.
4/9 c6 BradyBDaBeast
how about a 25 year old virgin not really something to brag about but I am
4/4 c9 4AlphaFlash
3/24 c9 fenixrojo36
3/14 c9 deoxeyses
3/10 c9 TDR007
Please continue
3/10 c9 TDR007
Dude this is so good
3/10 c7 TDR007
Seriously aot walls
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