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for god of duel monsters

6/2 c4 10ultima-owner
I vote Ra
6/1 c1 chimera629
Don't get why pegasus wants him there so badly.
Surprised he uses a blue eyes and not some type of water monster or warrior
2/8 c3 brade1991
Win of course.
11/27/2021 c1 Guest
Was cute the part in that the Blue eyes white dragon licked the cheek of Percy, as despite to show be a powerful and destructive dragon, she also showed be a kind and noble dragon that can show a loyalty and a soft spot for her master.

Being honest, i even would likes that someone can writes some artwork from this scene; as see a child Percy being licked in the cheek by the Blue eyes white dragon could be very cute :3
8/2/2021 c1 15Logicalillogical
Hold up there.

"You know about me being a duelist, right? Well I got a letter from the creator of the duel monsters cards, and he has challenged me. What's worse, he took mom..."

You literally just copied what transpired in the Yu-i-oh duelist Kingdom arc. Where Pegasus invites Yugi over to duelist kingdom and then kidnaps his grandfather so Yugi will be forced to come.

Lol did you think nobody would notice this.
7/29/2021 c1 PartyHardy5
7/29/2021 c1 ToysRUrse
Traaaasssshhhhh. Just like every other story you've written!

Just fucking delete your account. You have literally ZERO talent for writing.

Ya fucking cunt.
6/28/2021 c2 brade1991
More chapters and how Percy will meet Yugi team.
6/13/2021 c1 brade1991
Its great write more chapters.
6/12/2021 c1 8CRUDEN
Didn't really need to switch the povs just stick to one.

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