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7/5 c2 C.E.W
Negi spent much of his childhood alone at home with a busy mom, and never knew who his dad was, and Tenzin didn't know, maybe he had his suspicions. Which can be confirmed if he sees Negi using Airbending.

Lin not being around eventually got worse on her relationship with Negi. One day, she caught him Airbending and they got into this big argument. It got so bad to the point where Lin overwhelmed with anger and frustration tells Negi that she wished she never had him, and she never wanted to have children in the first place. Which for the record is one of the reasons why Lin and Tenzin broke up in the first place. Anyway, Negi is heartbroken of hearing this and goes to his room. The next day, Lin feeling guilty goes to his room, but finds him gone and a runaway note. Lin had the police looking over the city for him, and Tenzin even had the White Lotus keep an eye out, but Negi kept a low profile upon leaving the city.

Negi ran away, left Republic to see the world, to forge his own path. His maternal grandmother Toph run away from her home to find her own path and help Aang with Earthbending. Because her parents didn't understand her, that they were denying who she was. Like Lin is denying Negi's identity as an Airbender. If Negi runs away then if anyone has any idea what Negi is going through, it will be Toph. His paternal grandfather Aang ran away from his home too come to think of it. Negi wanted to go to Air Temple Island but was afraid Tenzin might tell Lin.

Negi can travel many places under a false identity, the Desert, Ba Sing Se, Kyoshi Island, Omashu. He can even go to the Air Temples. The Air Acolytes reside in the Temples, none of them know Negi or who he is. They're not Airbenders but they know the culture, so Negi can learn something from them. Eventually he ends up in the Southern Water Tribe, where he meets Avatar Korra.

Negi is too travel the world, well he can't do that while in Republic city. And he won't have the time to do while helping Korra. So better for him to do so somewhere in between.
6/28 c1 Guest
I really like this! I always love a good linzin story- i am excited to see how you wrote everyone finding out & hopefully delve more into Lin & negi’s relationship
6/27 c2 5person2309
I love the first two chapters! It's really pulled me in, can't wait for an update.
6/27 c2 Gilgamesh777
I enjoy fanfictions that involve Lin and Tenzin having a child (since they were two of the only characters that were actually developed on the show). I've never seen this take on it before, but so far it's going well. Keep up the good work!
6/20 c1 1WhenWindWhirls
I love this idea and You MC being an Airbender is a novel take. A few other like this I remember reading about made the Character a earth bender and one went as far as to make him a earth, metal, sand and Lava bender. A all inclusive earth type Avatar.
Hope you update this swiftly.
6/19 c1 josepantzay2
Es genial u tiene mucho potencial para ser muy bueno
6/18 c1 Lightbrightfury
Oh rats, this is being written in real time. I thought it was Finished.
Guess that’s what I get for not paying attention, LOL.

Looking forward to see how this plays out!

Can we clarify where we are in the timeline of legend of Korra? Are any of Tenzin’s kids born yet?

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