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9h c8 Mo Speckleblitz
Didn't realize you had a new chapter out when I asked that, but I think it could still work
20h c8 Scarease
Their a Theory that Rebecca is a Other weskers kids or atleast related to some that had feelings for .This theory born noting that in resident evil 2 or 3 you can find her picture in Weskers desk in his office in the police station .Considering age difference and fact her photo is in locked drawer .He does come across as into younger ladies .Plus she was sent on mission that was rather safe away from the City .Wesker likely did not plan for Leeches guy to pop up .Other wise she would been rather save and out danger consider her job was escorting Prisonee out of City to other prison or court case .
7/26 c7 Mo Speckleblitz
I can't wait for the next chapter. I've enjoyed this whole story all the way from Wesker's Daughter. I was so happy to see this new connected story. Loving it so far. So excited
7/11 c7 17evolution-500
A very good chapter. I spotted a couple grammatical errors here and there, but overall? Solid work. Keep it up! :)
6/27 c5 19OnceUponAShip
Talk about a Cliffhanger! Are they gonna be able to stop him before he shoots her? I’m excited to read on!
6/24 c4 Spider
I like your story so much. Hope you will update soon :D
6/20 c4 17evolution-500
Very cool! I saw one or two spelling and grammatical errors, but overall I'm really enjoying this so far! Keep up the awesome work! :)
6/17 c3 evolution-500
A good chapter, though a bit rushed imo. I kind of wanted to see Ethan and Claire's initial meeting personally, but overall this is very promising so far. :)
6/15 c2 Guest
I always wondered and theorized what would happen with Claire if she met Lady D. Her laughing after Claire slammed her into a wall has it sounding like she's glad Claire is up and mobile now. I wonder if she did anything to Claire aside from being used for blood. Excited for the next chapter!
6/14 c2 19OnceUponAShip
I'm so excited! I'm very glad that you decided to start this, and as always, your writing is something to look forward to!
6/13 c1 17evolution-500
VERY cool start! I see a couple of misspelled words here and there, with one or two words missing, but overall this looks very promising! :)

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