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17h c29 Begumebilli
You write amazingly good. I have never read a fanfic which shows Harry to be mature for his age but still a child. And how his powers are balanced and the simplicity of language, lack of over the top power trips, this is one of best fanfics I’ve ever read.
22h c13 30The Muse of Apollo
This is a good story. A bit inconsistent here though. In the last chapter Harry talls about wards for an entire section. In this one he says he knows little and then describes them in a completely different way than the last tims.
4/10 c29 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Enjoyed the H/D moment. Rather a shame Daphne can't go to the ball with Harry. Of course, now I'm wondering about Daphne's reaction to Fleur. An ugly girl wouldn't have been an issue, but a Veela? Gonna be entertaining... Also enjoyed seeing Harry meet Astoria and get to share a little adventure with her. I love Dobby and Winky, they've got so much potential and were unfortunately underutilized by Harry in the canon. I like to see them take a more active role in the story. Like the scene with Fleur as well. Thought it was very well done. I think it was good for Harry (and the readers) to see a more vulnerable side of her. It does a good job of bringing the characters to life. Update soon please! Can't wait to see what's next!
4/7 c18 Jokesrule
It doesn't matter if you can't keep up such a rapid pace just don't stop i hate when you're reading a good story, and the author quits you never know how it end or if the author died
4/5 c29 TuxedoMac
I don't know I think I got distracted through part of this chapter and then other things but overall I think it got things moving from last task and into the ball which really is the whole needed time because usually have you know the reactions of how the event left everybody. I do like oh you're dealing with winky and I think that'll go pretty decently out ways and all that. Anyway you have a good one.

4/7 c2 Jokesrule
actually, you did I have enjoyed this story so far
4/6 c29 1Grinzwald
Interesting take. Not bad by any means, far from it. I've seen a lot of elements here in other stories as well, but I like the spin you've put on them. Looking forward to more.
3/31 c29 1The Disbelieving Wizard
I truly understand how people don’t like writing for this site anymore. Seeing the reviews on this story is disgusting. People get so caught up in their own twisted version that they can’t see characters be done in any way but the standard fanfiction cliches. I truly love this story and keep coming back to it. Its a breath of fresh air snd the characters are really well done. Don’t let guests and people with not a word to their name pretend to understand what its like to make a story your own. This story you’ve got going on is special. Keep nurturing it.
3/27 c19 Guest
Dumbledore is trash, and so are you
3/24 c29 Ioane
Fantastic chapter. Please update soon.
3/24 c29 5peterco
I appreciate what you've written so far.
Good luck, and have fun :)
3/20 c29 Kannavar
3/18 c29 Gouravsilentreader
Awesome story
3/18 c12 Chgrne
you removed the horcrux, gave him a special talent in runes, improved his academic performance and...made him weaker? he can't cast a patronus now... so he's a weak boring bookworm? your Daphne's first take on him was right. disappointing version of Harry so far.
3/14 c29 Mark Andrew
Uh oh.. please don't have Daphne become angry Harry asked Fleur to the Yule Ball. I have seen some fics where Tonks becomes an older sister figure to Harry. Would be fun seeing you make Fleur fit that spot?
Interesting change not having Cedric in the Tournament. Wonder how that changes things later on down the road
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