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12/4 c24 Regtech
After all this and Harry that tries to be more active and resourceful. You would have thought he would keep an arsenal ready to bring down on his enemies. You never know.

He could some of those chains of his at ready and those unstable rune stones. Those stones are much more lowkey than anything else, especially with voice command.
12/4 c17 Regtech
Harry - i need to use my time to prepare myself against Voldemort.
Also Harry - I cant use my gift to take advantage to better myself. It is unfair.

A perfect example of harry being both ignorant and naive. He truely needs Daphne to beat some sense into his head. Not the superiority sense, but the sense to understand and take advantage of opportunities
12/4 c15 Regtech
Well, Harry is a kid and a go with the flow type as well, who doesnt think to deeply about things. Daphne would have been good for him, letting him know what is what. Too bad he doesnt have the strength to do what he wants
12/4 c5 Regtech
Lets see how Dumbledore will react to not knowing where harry was during summer
12/4 c3 Regtech
Makes me wonder how much the ministry and individuals have stolen from that place
12/3 c1 mananpachisia
12/3 c25 3Murasame999
I can't believe I haven't heard of this story until now! It's well written, the characters are captivating, and the way you write magic is so interesting. I'm a huge sucker for Haphne and I love how your Daphne isn't the typical fanfiction portrayal of her. Keep up the amazing work!
12/3 c25 nymlover
good story so far well done
11/30 c17 Himeragiyukina12
I don't know. I really like that you've made changes to the story and harry, but I never could get attached to this seemingly naive/dumb harry. For example when Dumbledore says he shouldn't take runes anymore, Harry's first thought is he failed so badly he's being kicked out, despite being ahead in the course. It's little things like this that make it exasperating. It starts small at first but with every similar incident it grows, until I just want to throw something.
11/29 c25 18stevem1
This is a nice story.
11/27 c25 fhippogriff
Still love the story.
11/22 c25 Romavictrix
Great story! Looking forward to more :)
11/21 c25 2ghosttown66
right read this almost in one go. would have managed if something pesky as a job did not interfere.
The first thing i would say is to be more confident. It's not wrong to seek confirmation but al in al this story is well built, with great character development, and despite the fact this is, of course, your story, you try to keep the integrity of the original intact. All done within your own little playground logically.
I hope the story is stil running and see an update on how he ends up in the tournament... or not and you put another twist in it.

kudos and keep it up.
greetz Ghost
11/19 c25 qwerty
he should make another room for just daphne and himself, not tell hermione about it
11/18 c25 snetto2013
Muito obrigado pela história, gosto da interação Harry e Daphne, apesar de que fiquei um pouco decepcionado por não ter mostrado como foi o dia que Harry passou com a família da Daphne ( esperei muito por essas cenas), mas foram bons capítulos entre os dois.
Fico ansioso por boas novidades.
Até a próxima.
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