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16h c1 mglblood
I just loved this story. True Draco,
7/5 c1 Guest
Awww ! Nice !
7/2 c1 scarlettangel11
Awww this is quite sweet! I love the unique, thoughtful gifts and Draco's oh so permanent scowl. Feel the sympathy for him for sure though. Danke!
6/26 c1 ddmansi
I see your name on my inbox, I automatically click. And as always I have good time. Thank you.
6/22 c1 fyorarules
Awwwwwww what a sweet little story!
6/19 c1 zoesheppard
Perfect! Love, love, love. Thanks!
6/17 c1 Guest
6/14 c1 lunaz
A well done POV from Draco.
6/14 c1 Serennos
The only raw thing about this is Draco’s emotional state. A lovely little one-shot...
6/16 c1 AussieSweet
Very sweet story!
6/16 c1 12Austwigirl
6/15 c1 Drsquirrel
Awww… this was adorable. Love a little snarky Draco in the morning.
6/14 c1 Saggit
Charming. In the best way possible.
6/14 c1 Black Banshee
Perfect is the right word.
6/14 c1 Megantelope
So sweet!
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