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9/17 c8 Guest
Will wait for next!
9/8 c8 4Turquoise Leaf
Excellent chapter worth the wait
9/8 c8 Asianman2
really glad I pick this up. can't wait for next chaoter
9/8 c7 Guest
Is there any romance plot in this story, besides NR?
9/8 c8 Guest
Thanks for the effort, is another good chapter.
9/8 c8 0akarigan0
Buen capitulo, nos permite ver más del pasado de Jaune. Y la relación entre guardias y caballeros.

Espero con ansias el próximo capítulo muchas gracias.
9/7 c8 Guest
Not only Yang, seemed like Father Mark was also shipping Pyrrha with Jaune heheheh. At least Jaune wasn’t oblivious it should be hope for her.

I am beginning to like this pace, they were great. I am curious to see what they wanted to talk about in dinner next, both Allaster and Weiss wanted to only discuss when both teams around. Hope it isn’t much about the vambrace on Jaune’s weapon, thay they gave him his seclusion if he didn’t want to talk about.
The bond and partnering in team ALAS are weak. Team PYRN is probably better, Yang would definitely support Pyrrha, and NR forever. They too want to know about Jaune, he is like a phantom to them. Poor Jaune he would be so hot spot! even Ren was curious! Just hope Weiss isn’t going to cook Jaune with all her questions hahaha. Thanks and wonderful chapter!
9/7 c8 alphabacon34
9/7 c8 10Just a Crazy-Man
No worries greatly enjoyed and worth the wait
9/7 c8 Guest
Jaune seems happy to make friends but lol I am not used to see Jaune not being goofy, being so holy and polite and he even knocked on the door for others before he entered his own dorm? Serious would I do that to my share roommates, likely no.
9/7 c8 Guest
Awesome, I am enjoying this. This story is pleasant and interesting.
8/22 c7 Guest
Thanks, nice one!
8/22 c6 Guest
Was Jaune’s chants for the glory of light? lights were somewhat repeated and accented in his chanting, and he did it before daybreak too
8/21 c4 Guest
Pyrrha was awfully interested in Jaune and his partner was very keen to get Pyrrha’s attentions, haha quite unusual grouping and no Ruby? yet I quite like Allaster partnering with Blake, and him bring the lead to keep the balance. NR forever. Jaune’s background is a mystery.
8/21 c2 Guest
How’s that Pyrrha is not Jaune’s partner in here? Jaune seems strong and gentleman for they would be perfect pair together!
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