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9/17 c45 Mustard rebelion
Bruh i imagined fantacy trump speaking with his voice, it was hilarious.
9/17 c82 1Project Pseudonym
So since Olga is going all in and Eostia knows where she's attacking, it should be easy to prepare the battlefield against Garan. Booby trap the battlefield and set up siege engines in advance. Split off into smaller groups and harass Garan forces even before they reach the main force. Load up the Cloud Chaser with oil and do a bombing run and light the fire.

Since Olga is pulling in every last scrap of reserves, that means her capital is near empty so Eostian forces can split off some of their units and attack it. Ransack her treasuries, libraries, and food storage. Even if Olga wins, it'll be a pyrrhic victory that'll require decades of constant work to even recover.

Is there even a need for Eostia to meet Garan for battle? Drag out the situation by avoiding the battle and continue to harass them until their morale and food depletes. The aberrants will rebel and Olga will be forced to kill off some of them and cause damage to her own forces.
9/16 c82 Blaze1992
Looks like black dogs won't be able to have much of a recruit pool at the end of this. I wonder when the big battle starts that you would use lines from other blade era fandoms as whitty one liners.
9/16 c82 1WildWolf12
I'm guessing James is finally going to show that he is a Dragonborn. I can imagine the nick names that he could get from the battle: "The Dragon Lord", "The Blue Dragon", "The Lord/Dragon of the Three Flames" (if he uses his normal Dragon Fire, Dark Fire, and Holy Fire). Since you mentioned unicorns, I can't help but think that White Peach could be a descendant of one. That could explain how she seems to be able to use magic. Looking forward to the next chapter.
9/16 c82 Dreagon D. Dragon
Another great chapter, man Olga is pissed about the recent crushing defeats and the taking of their territories, as well as being both respectful and annoyed at James for being the reason for the current situation, she maybe regretting letting him live right now, but she'll be crushing on him just like Celestine before long I'm sure. But blimey the Garanians are going all in with this massive army for the final battle, even in IRL it's not often you find battles containing more then 100,000 troops on any one side, but given their options this must be their final gambit.

The Eostians are also learning more that the Dark Elves of Garan are not as simple as they once though, and that other than a few exceptions the majority of the Garan commoners don't really care for the whole war of genocide their leaders are spouting, Olga will be in for another shock to see her own people fighting under the reborn Arblade banner against her, even after she's learned about what her subjects have had to endure under her rule, admittedly it's not entirely her fault but she's also not completely innocent either.
Oh and the Archbishop and the church show up, and we know they'll not be able to resist causing problems in the near future, really does James' need a reason to hide that he's a Dragonborn now, I mean most of his main allies and enemies know or at least suspect he is one now, so it might be best to be more open with his abilities now, especially given the massive battle that's about to erupt.

And James' relationship with certain Shields progresses more, really this latest meeting they had was mostly them just gossiping about him, I mean their all going to be his wives by the end of it but this was good to see. Loved the chat that Celestine and James had with him telling her about the pirate trial, with her confirming that the rumour about them was true, though the sear bluntness of him offering to take her to bed did give me a laugh. Also the little bit with Alicia was nice as well, given her reaction and the female knights' stares I can only guess that James has gained quite the bod now, though he does throw the fact that Eostia is Eostia back at Alicia to justify his nonchalance about the situation, still further proof she's majorly crushing on him though. And of course Kaguya has been able to loose her V-card to her fiancée, I mean they did do it before but that was more just anal and to make a point to her faith, so seeing the two actually get to be lovers for the first time was worth it, half expected Prim to show up as well or join in during, but that can wait for another time.

As always great chapter, and good luck and looking forward to the next one, the largest and final battle of the war is about to begin, and we all know that James is going to end up fighting Olga, even with her weakened it's not going to be an easy one for him.
9/16 c82 2DeltaGamer
Okay wow this chapter certainly opened up a whole new can of worms.

For one, love seeing Olga's reaction to her dread field being defeated. It truly never occurred to her that someday, someone would figure it out. But at least she knows who had done it. I wonder what Olga will say to James when they meet again?

And I've been waiting for James to seal the deal with Kaguya. But I guess with the thought that any one of them could die in the upcoming battle, it's simply best to get it over with before one of them spends the rest of their days with regret.

I nearly forgot about the church. Certainly wasn't expecting them to show up. Especially the archbishop. But now that they're here, I get the sense that they're going to try and do something when they think no one is looking.

And finally, with that little tale that Prostoy told to James and Celestine, it makes me wonder how this little war actually started. We just saw that apparently Olga doesn't keep close tabs on her people as well as she thought. I don't think she's even fully aware of how the lower class are treated by the nobles. I can only imagine her reaction when she sees that her own people are now fighting against her. Anyway, with that little story of how Olga's armies just came out of nowhere and killed and kicked out every human that was living peacefully with the dark elves, I'm pondering whether Olga was actually on the frontlines when that happened or was it some dumb prideful noble that saw humans and dark elves coexisting and hated it. Probably even gave Olga a falsified report on what they saw when they reach those cities of how humans were abusing dark elves left and right and how they "liberated" their citizens. Of course I'm just spit balling again.

Definitely looking forward to see what happens in the next big battle. Something tells me James is going to have to start pulling out all the stops. Possibly even reveal something that he's been trying to hide that only a handful of people know.

Anyway happy writing!
9/16 c23 Ap0c4l1pS1S
The numbers on his status grows but there are no changer whatsoever. His stats ar times more that at the start of the story but there is no change.

Whats the point of the system and higher numbers if its not reflected in the story? He is 5 times stronger, but i don't see any change in his physical strength, his sex stats are 4 times what they were at the start and again there is no change.

Show don't tell, its pointless if you tell me he is stronger if you don't reflect it in the story.

Numbers alone are pointless.
9/15 c82 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter really glad he had time for Kaguya.
9/15 c82 Sly silverwolf28
Thanks for the chapter
9/15 c82 3Templarsith
I am really surprised no one suggested sending agents in and trying to start a revolt or at least burn the grain silos in the Garen capital after the Garen army left. Heck, I am surprised a revolt didn't break out the moment the Garen army left. How did they get the wagons to carry everything? Conscript the merchants and take the wagons while they were at it? While to the upper caste, this is a religious war they have made the fatal mistake that everyone is sharing that view. I feel that the true person backed into a corner is the lower class of the dark elves and it going to blow up on this battlefield. Telling conscripts to fight in any battle without any real training is beyond stupid or at least they must be fanatics. Cause they will slow down the army, then when the battle happens they will break and run killing morale causing even more forces to break.
9/15 c82 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. I hope you enjoy your trip.
9/15 c18 Ap0c4l1pS1S
The other problem this story has is the badly made system. for example, good systems make lvls relevant during the whole story by making the stat gain higher the higher your lvl is.

This story doesn't, when he reaches higher lvls each lvl will become irrelevant, 5 stat point when your average is 10 is nice, but when your average is 100 it's a drop in the bucket.

The other problem is the author is loosing track of the system this early in the story.

He is a Dragon born with higher stat growth than normal, and traits that give even more stats, even with 9 lvls of difference the amount of stats with Halberd is small.

Lastly, he defeated a opponent that was 4 times his lvl, the goblin from the tutorial mission, was lvl 4 while he was lvl 1, so a difference of 9 lvls with the higher stat gain from being Dragon born is little in comparison.
9/15 c82 2shadowblack
Good chapter! Lots of small scenes that I loved.

It seems James' Observe has been noticed, even if the girls don't know what it really is.

Nice to see Andrei and Pavel again.

Olga finally began to find out just had bad the rule of her highborne has been, and by extension her own rule...

A quick reminder what Vult and co are really like.

Nice moment between Cele and James. Looking forward tot he eventual date.

Channer grows more jealous – this won't end well...

Nice scene between James and Kaguya. Next time they should invite Prim for a threesome...

And so the preparations for the largest battle in over a thousand years are finally done. Next time we get to see the battle itself, and the inevitable clash between James and Olga.

P.S.: Another misspelled name: Effmia, spelled at least two different ways in the chapter.
9/15 c18 Ap0c4l1pS1S
You really expecting me to believe that the guards didn't find the letter when they found the corpses? This is a plot hole.
9/15 c82 InfinityMask
Hmm… final battle huh? I wonder if arc three near the end?

Anyway Celestine is cute! Lol.

Canner start getting annoying. It’s not preferential treatment but reward. James accomplishments is good enough to reward that much. After all they wouldn’t even be able to attack Garan without him. Stop being salty. If he do as much as James surely he would ask the same boon offered by celestine? James didn’t even ask. There’s reason for preferential James get. Lol

At beginning I kinda afraid the kuroinu would come late to the fight. Allow Garan and Eostia to fight bloodily then when both tired and weakened the black dog attack both of them. If I’m vault I would do this. The possibilities to capture both olga, celestine, and many shield maiden at same time is huge. Also the possibility to kill any of their loyal supporters. Surprise this didn’t happened. Or maybe it is?

Btw that part about goblin lover kinda… eostia….. lol

Surprise prim didn’t show up too. Haha. Btw it’s about time he stop holding back about being dragonborn huh? Many his enemies already know it after all.
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