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for Eostia: Harem Quest

8/9 c7 raelarial1
hopefully there is some titfucking and "I doubt it" some naizuri as well, but it's good so far
8/6 c40 Guest
Kinda thought he would maybe get some passive durability boost or monstrous stamina

Maybe a healing factor

Or more affinity for magic cuz dragons are at the pinnacle of magic besides gods

Why’d our boi just get fire breath
8/5 c40 Guest
Hope james makes his own rapier

Like an extending blade like gokus staff

Maybe ad some flex in it and some control so it could extend and snake through defenses and stab through opponents and our boi could cast while the swords inside to make his enemies explode

Or be boring and just stab their vitals

Seriously tho cast some ice or fireballs inside so his enemies would die faster!
8/3 c40 2DeltaGamer
Well this certainly isn't good. I would've thought that James would be smart enough to design his own personal voxlux to detect when other voxluxs are nearby but I guess not. Now Grave will be alerted to the fact that he's suspected to be a traitor. And if the whole conversation was recorded, Grave will likely noticed how quick James was to call attention to him. Add on the fact that Beardsley mentioned before that he noticed James was guarded around him and the fact he exposed Caldwell. I know James needs to find and expose these people but if he keeps doing it one after another and doing it too soon, the enemy could potentially catch on to the fact that James has a way to spot out traitors.
8/3 c1 handwran
so I will say this, if youre writing a fic on a world this dark, discussing dark themes is ok, but dont have the mc's women get got, and have plenty of rip and tearing until it is done from the mc. A badass mc tearing apart the evil in a hentai grimdark world would be very unique, but satisfying to see
8/3 c40 2Templarsith
No, you are not forgiven, jump off that cliff! Now I really loved you bringing out the Demonborne like that. You have left plenty of hints that the little monsters have more to them than being simple pawns. Blood Caller certainly has his own charm about him. Now with this reveal it makes a horrible amount of sense why there are black versions of trolls. Cause I bet my money that unless you take a black troll's head off it will come back. Hence the poor adventures think they have killed the black troll after stabbing it in the head or heart and turn to help out the injured party member, then get smashed by the now healed troll. Then the troll goes on living and breeding the next batch of monsters.

I guess that blighted happens when the hobgoblin learns to use his magic to feed its demonic powers? So I wonder if Blood Caller could be an example of what James could have been if he went down the warrior skill tree. Focusing on leveling up the bloodline skill and possibly unlocking more as time went on, unlike James who focused on his magic instead of bloodline skill. I actually suspect it is fair. Demonic skills tend to have some negative traits along with some major positive effects.
Plus let's be honest I do not think the hobgoblins get to live for four hundred plus years. Demon king's ultimate plan for this plot I suspect is to create more demons. The original Hob was probably killed before it could have reached the skills apex thus turning into a demon.

I enjoyed Grave spying with the Voxlux. The shady minions were a nice twist into the story. I still would like James and Grave to get into an argument about his flame mage not tossing a fireball at the troll throwing black powder. This could be feedback if you didn't want Grave to get in trouble or Grave could start the heroic counterattack could start the next chapter. Yes, I feel Grave going for the glorious hero act to save his bacon. Still, the fact a skilled and veteran fire mage was not caught in the distractions and failed to return with a fireball instantly sticks out horribly.

I suggest a Poll on the best villain so far!
8/3 c40 7ChaosxPaladin
Every big boss always needs a second form. We don't make the rules.
8/3 c40 Blaze1992
Well shite.
8/3 c40 1Light 8496
It would seem that the best way to combat a blighted hobgoblin is with a Dragonborne. But the only ability that James currently knows is fire breath. Any others?

Also when are James and Aeris gonna get it on? I know we’re all thing it.
8/2 c40 colt45cliner
I wonder if James is going to be revealed as a Dragonborne next chapter. If he resorts to using his flame breathe. I don't think he has used it since that slime girl.
8/2 c40 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter keep it up
8/2 c40 Dreagon D. Dragon
Brilliant chapter and what a cliff-hanger, Dragonborn vs Demonborn this is going to be epic, probably will be time for James to unleash his dragon abilities against what is essentially the twisted copy of his own race, as I said before he hasn't used them as much as me could and might have no choice here, not only to defeat the Hobgoblin but also help his comrades as some appear to be in dire need right now, his enemies finding out his secret is just an unfortunate but inevitable result.

The battle started off decent but the tide has turned against our heroes, but Claudia, Klaus and the Dawn Templars are not going down easily, if James can win his boosted boss fight and help out Dragonborn style then they have a decent chance too win(I know you said that the Dragonborn isn't a one hit win ability and I get that it isn't but I don't think many enemies could withstand a face full of dragon fire even on their best day).

And James learns about the black letters and learns their connection to the Black Storm, not going to lie I though Celestine would be the one to inform him about them during the Ken part but Claudia would have been my second bet, she is Celestine's second in command after all. James also learns that the Black Storm could be targeting him for his creations, "que red alert alarms", maybe several Dawn Templars being assigned to him as additional bodyguards might not be such a bad option, thought it could get in the way for his eventual mission to Garan to save Olga and Chloe from the Black Storm. And the said Storm using his own creation to spy on him, well it was bound to happen in some way eventually.

Looking forward to the outcome of the battle in the next chapter, the end raid on the aberant's base will most likely be very disturbing for some of the characters and seeing the potential future if James fails to save Eostia, the chance of seeing one of them (my money's on James) going full Goblin Slayer mode on the aberrant's spawn might be the darkest we might see with him so far if not the full story, I know he's a mostly Lawful Good protag, but as a more Chaotic Neutral guy myself personally I acknowledge that sometimes terrible measures and actions need/must be taken to win in the end, especially for or even justified against an enemy like the Black Storm.

Good luck with the next chapter, I feel that between 10k to 20k is a good standard for the main story chapters, you do seem to bring them out on a decent basis and each one is always well written, though some chapters do have better content in them but you can't win every time, just keep doing what you doing and you'll be fine.
P.S With more than 600k words this is defiantly the longest Kuroinu story on both and AO3 out there and the second Arc isn't even half done yet, great job!
8/2 c40 2shadowblack
Great chapter!

Looks like James has attracted even more attention than he realizes. It's always nice to see smart and competent enemies plot and plan ahead.

Nice little bit of goblin lore there.

Good aerial battle against the harpy. We really have not had a lot of air combat until now.

About time James learned about the black letters. I was thinking he would learn from Celestine – good to see we did not have to wait that long.

I guess it was only a matter of time before enemies also figured out how to use the voxlux for spying and recording...

Nice touch with Klaus' fairies. It was good to see him be useful in combat.

I loled at James not realizing who he is dealing with here. Was the red skin not enough of a hint? There can't be that many RED goblins he's fought in the past. More importantly, how can he not recall the very first boss he fought? I can understand not remembering later bosses, but the very first from the start of the “game”? He needs to pay more attention.

Great boss fight, at least so far. I wish James had tried to keep the boss from drinking a healing potion, though it probably wouldn't have made a significant difference. Now to wait for the second part of the boss fight, and the aftermath... Great ending, I just hope we don't have to wait too long for the second half of the battle.
8/2 c40 theQmaster
noooooooo i want to know what happens next fuck my life

8/2 c40 8Lucius Walker
Oh man, this attack on the goblins isn't going to go smooth and easy. .
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