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6/14 c102 Neo Infinity
Well you definitely surprised me with Lulu jumping at him like this i figured it would make some time since he only had fun with the half Dragonborn? girl and the shield princess is a bit different compared to the shortstack, it’s actually nice to hear more about cress and mc sister so far you did fantastic job giving spotlight to the family.
6/14 c102 2DeltaGamer
And now James has claimed Lulu. Not only that but he popped her cherry. Wasn't expecting that. And it looks like the train is finally setup. Or at least some of it. I'm guessing they'll start construction on more rails that will run all over Eostia. Which I hope will lead to something that practically every guy dreams of. Having a epic fight on top of a moving train. Although I hope Lulu was smart enough to make countermeasures to ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

And that whole thing between Cress, Miria, Campbell. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about that. I mean I suppose Cress and Miria were meant to get together ever since it was mentioned Cress had a crush on her since he was first introduced. Campbell kind of feels more like a plot device to help get them together right now. It'll be interesting to see how this relationship develops.

I also now wonder if James can pull off some kind of miracle and cure Aston of his disease. But considering James isn't a doctor I doubt it.

Can't wait to see what happens next.
6/13 c102 doomqwer
another good transition chapter, probably my favorite part was olga and the king and her lamenting his degeneration from the worthy rival to a bed ridden weak man.
6/13 c102 Blaze1992
Guess puffing hard on the rails took new meaning today.
New medical spell and a new form of transport with a romance scene pretty good CH, hmm feel bad he couldn't rescue the woman might have to build some harpoon guns or grapplers for the ship so that can be avoided in the future.
6/13 c102 Guest
Good chapter happy to see an update and hey James is finally level 40 good to see and lulu has finally entered his little love circle hope to see more chapters soon later man peace.
6/13 c102 Dreagon D. Dragon
Another great chapter, an earlier release than expected if this is for the 3 year anniversary for this fic, concrats by the way, but like you said took longer than expected for the last one. Anyway glad to see that James has gotten some support about the whole WMD event in Roxford, I mean he might not have intended it to be that powerful but at least those around him can give support. Still disappointed we didn't see or James hasn't shown any titles from the event though, like I've he's got titles for less before, and Army Buster/Crusher are pretty badass ones.

Loved the scenes in Feoh and Mungale with Olga, seeing her reunite with an old foe with the king, even if he's not got much longer left, the fact they where respectful to each other shows a lot of growth, plus James' using his new spell on the king was a great touch, it didn't buy him more time but at least some comfort while he's still there, the eventual funeral chapter for him is going to be a heart-render. As for James and Olga's little flight through the sky, you can defiantly see the Olga is starting to grow closer to James, she might not be aware of it yet but that little moment when he holds her has not gone unmissed.

The biggest surprise for me in the chapter however was the train scene with Lulu, I expected she'd eventually get to having around with James, but not this soon. Though I guess of the remaining cannon characters the choice makes sense; Prim, Kaguya and Alicia are confirmed to be his fiancés. Maia seems content to be a FWB/sex friend for now even if it's only been once at the moment, though that may change during the coming Storm. Chloe's the same as Maia, tough for different reasons and she's most likely still working through her own problems. The only ones left are Claudia for obvious reasons, Celestine who we all know is going to be at least bedded before the end of this act, and Olga who like I said is only just starting to develop her felling for James. Lulu is the only one left and like I said makes sense, but also not expected to be this soon, not that I'm complaining as her scene was well done, more so on a moving train, though if her confession was anything to go by, James is going to have 4th fiancé soon, 5th depending on what happens with Celestine, I mean he has the Bride slots available for them and more.

And we see James having a lovely reunion with Kaguya and taking her on a make up date through the mountains, he may not have meant to leave her behind for the Roxford arc, but didn't have the chance to pick her up, plus may have caused a problem if all of the Seven Shields where gone from Eostia all at once, though not sure if that's accurate. But of course their time is interrupted by protag logic, with the appearance of the Gargoyle flight and the tribe under attack, though given what you've set up for the next chapter they won't be an issue for long, and given what you said about what the Gargoyles do to their captives compared to other Aberrant, their in for some well deserved pain.

As always great chapter, looking forward and good luck with the next one, and some mountain top carnage.
6/12 c102 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude definitely Can't wait for the next update and see how he handles the gargoyles
6/12 c102 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
6/12 c102 Zet4
thanks for the chapter!
6/12 c102 2shadowblack
Good chapter! It's nice to have the Roxford arc fully behind us at long last. Some nice scenes, such as Olga meeting Aston.

Not nearly enough Kaguya, though – I hope we get more of her and James together next chapter. Maybe some James/Kaguya/Zealand... relaxation, too...
6/12 c102 1kano547
Now this looks interesting. Glad to se a new update.
6/12 c102 fictionelement777
Lulu at last! Also, bit of a shorter chapter this time. Still good though.
6/12 c102 Guest
6/12 c102 Sly silverwolf28
Thanks for the chapter
6/12 c102 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
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