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for Mason Aves: The Wizard(Kinda Complete again)

8/22 c124 Myllinu
This has been a fantastic story, and I am sorry to see it end. Good luck with whatever the future holds for you!
8/22 c124 YMCM
Man it sucks that this is the last proper chapter and you're dropping this... but I understand life comes first and you may have just gotten tired of writing and fanfiction. I just ask you don't completely shut out the possibility of someday finishing this fic, even if its 10 years from now.
8/22 c123 1SixPathsOfKyuubi
good. very good.
8/21 c76 Damian Hendriks
im skipping the past chapters... i saw hela and clicked it but i probably gonna skip more of these stupid shit chapters
8/21 c54 Damian Hendriks
the whole past thing is stupid...
8/21 c52 Damian Hendriks
bruh he gets caught off guard so many times its not even funny... fking cunt..
8/21 c123 ThirdCabinBoy
nice chapter
8/21 c123 Dayside
I'm dropping this finally. You've completely butchered the character you built up for over half a million words. Hope you're happy with the absolute character murder you've done.
8/21 c123 7theaceoffire
Missed opportunity here.

"Welcome, friends... To Jurassic Park!"
8/21 c123 ilayhyams
Why is Mason acting like such a bitch in regards to Tony. He doesn't owe Tony anything
8/21 c123 Greer123
I enjoyed this new chapter.
8/21 c123 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter here.
8/20 c123 scyfly
it takes a cold bastard to leave your friend in the hands of hydra for the sake of canon. mason couldve gotten him out in '46 or something, and fully destroy the winter soldier program while at it.
8/20 c122 mr1980rivera
This is an enjoyable and great story I'll miss it when it is done
8/20 c48 Damian Hendriks
that newspaper post, i actually smiled haha, would be epic to see reactions when he reappears 70 years later, not a day older or maybe a bit
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