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for Mason Aves: The Wizard(Kinda Complete again)

11/12 c26 asdasd
mason growels before others way too much.
11/12 c26 asdasd
if harry takes the healers oath I'll drop this and curse it to high heaven for wasting my time.
11/12 c25 asdasd
Not suprising that harry struggles againts an elder god but I didn't expect him to be so bad with stategy in combat. It shows he knows nothing of duesling.
11/12 c21 asdasd
It astoundes me that there has been no mentions of dueling, let alone Mason practising it. There is a dueling club in this time perios afterall.
11/12 c19 asdasd
these reincarnated characters falls for the same tropes so many times. He needs to have a talk with the girls? why is he acting like their father.
11/12 c13 asdasd
Not this SPEW free the house lefs idiocy
11/12 c6 asdasd
Harry's sarcastic and snarky attitude is ruining this for me. Why can't he act polite? does he think that reincarnation absolves him of human decency or was he always like that?
11/12 c4 asdasd
It is always beyond me why these SI's make it their business to go out of their way to catch criminals? Seriously why?
11/13 c30 Ricee
just fake his muggle identities death, transfigure a cat or something to look like him and put it in some muggle accident, force it to commit suicide, dosent matter.
11/3 c63 Tataneke
this story is fucking awesome
10/29 c127 shivam.singh2
thanx for this wonderful story mate, hope you are doing well and will be back with just as awesome story as this one in the future..
10/28 c127 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Thanks for the story. Enjoyed reading it.
10/27 c7 badbone1204
I feel like the time line dosnt make sense 1930 is before the defeat of grindlewald yet he is the son of morfin gaunt morfin gaunt is the uncle of voldemort and he isn't born long after the fall of grindlewalx
10/17 c127 ProditorMagnus
I have enjoyed this story. And there were so fast updates that instead of following I kept this tab open and just refreshed occasionally.
10/4 c8 Guest
You re constantly making him repeat he is not a goody two shoed but, he is one without a doubt to me, he is one verry impressionable character that gets a boner out of everything even sligtly magical, 'a talking hat ,what a brilliant idea! Who would have thought', anyway an SI story is 80% about the SI and my impression of him is a very annoying child convinced of its own maturity spitting his own hypocrisy at every mental jog he finds himself in, it is very hard to ignore his overexpressiveness and high reactions to anything slightly out of norm or even completely normal things expected from someone from the age of internet that has heard at least a lot of imaginative things to be dulled out of, i would blame the american culture if you are one due to their vanity and over reactionable minds that they can't show suprise without screaming their lungs out with their god( gods? With trinity and all) on their tongue or their fear without at least a panick attack following it or their overemotional reactions to a loss that i find myself considering their sanity as a whole.
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