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for Mason Aves: The Wizard(Kinda Complete again)

9/27 c88 Bountyhunter1977
Maybe after Sylvie has her revenge, Harry can use alchemy Hela's blood to make her a true Asguardian or to make her a actual biological child to Harry and Selene
9/21 c127 Alechaos Ogigio 2
I think this is my third read of this story, it's truly powerful. I wish you the best of luck in life, your stories help me through tough times as well. thank you for your contribution in my life.
9/15 c127 Squarekiddo
Listen, some people, like me has a pretty tough time letting things go that dosnt have an ending, so we tend to only read completed works, this is listed as complete, but it isnt, I get why it isnt thats not the issue, but please, either delist it as complete or add that its incomplete in the summary, I know it probably feels better listing the story as complete, but I cant see it giving you any more fans, the opposite if anything.

Anyway, I quite enjoyed this story, but after the time travel was complete I lost a lot of interest, I dont really know why tbh.
9/5 c30 EveOfYggdrasil
Whatever happened to the admigous forms?
8/30 c127 Guest
I was great story to read. Thank you for sharing. Be well. Bye.
8/30 c127 butternote
It was nice doing this with you old friend this journey of yours has been continued for a long time... So rest and when you're back we will be here waiting for you every step of the way
8/28 c127 TheGodsWeep
No goodbye. Instead: Waiting with baited breath for your return. Be well, and thank you!
8/28 c127 TheAutarch
Goodluck and live life to the fullest and if you do return, I hope it is not to Battle depression but instead a celebration of a good spot in life. live well and goodbye.
8/25 c127 xxkingxx
thxs for everything my guy hope everything is alright for ur future
8/27 c127 vishell12
Best of luck with you life brother. Life pe dhyan do, job chalu karo time pada hai bhai wapas writing pe aane. I will keep following you and wait for a notification in case you turn up. All the best for your future career Chinmay.
8/27 c127 King bee396
Good luck!
8/27 c127 duckie288
Been a long time reader of your stories and I thank you for all the effort and stories you wrote so far. All the best and hopefully see you around again!
8/27 c127 Auvro1
Goodbye to you too man. Will miss the notification for your story, though life goes on. Hope you find happiness for YOUR next chapter. And last but not least hope to see you soon.
P. S. Are you from India?
8/26 c124 RuneFather
8/26 c127 worom001
Goodbye Chinmay, may you have a wonderful future. Wish we saw more tech stuff considering how much tech he's got stashed in nowhere, but I loved all the moments in this fic regardless. Its the longest fic I've ever kept up with week by week and has distracted me from a lot of troubles and uni stuff, and certainly helped during the pandemic. I've written a fair amount of comments, usually nit-picking and doing the 'why didn't he do this or that'. A lack of constructive critisicm on my part, but not in any negative way regardless. I'm too used to Wattpads and WebNovel commenting, where you can comment per paragraph. I love complaining and looking at flaws in plans or ideas or breaking down various things as they happen, and having to wait to finish the whole chapter to do so means I end up just gathering a whole list of things I wanna talk about, yet don't want to put so much writing in one review. I feel like FFN reviews shouldn't really be allowed to do per chapter reviews considering all of them end up going on the main reviews page of the fanfic, but I can't help myself regardless.

Either way, thank you so much for this fic Chinmay. I loved it all the way.
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