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for Mason Aves: The Wizard(Kinda Complete again)

8/26 c127 worom001
Holy shit this was on Space Battles? How tf did I not find that
8/26 c127 SirFarmalot
Thank you for all the stories you have written.
I wish you the best of luck for your future.
8/26 c127 3ava-rook
Goodbye and thank you for the story’s you’ve written. I can’t speak for others but they’ve brought me joy during some rough times. G-d bless you dear and I hope you live well.
8/26 c127 pKmAN
Hey man, thanks for providing a fantasy that uplifted my mood and created something I looked forward to reading weekly. Wishing you the best bestbwith your future plans. Kindly considering keeping writing skills sharp every now and then by perhaps writing something for your fans. Take care bhai.
8/26 c127 ThunderBasilisk
Been a hellova ride from start to finish. Thank you for all the awesome content and I wish you luck on your future studies. Hopefully when you come back it will be with a spiffy diploma and an awesome job. Good luck and goodbye my friend.
8/26 c127 Helily
Thank you HelloDarkness07 for the proper goodbye (so rare). I’ll miss your writing, too. Still, I wish you the best of luck — have fun and best wishes with your current goals, etc. Have a wonderful life and hope to see you again [writing] one day.
8/26 c123 RuneFather
8/26 c127 Bluecreeperx287
Perhaps make a new thing on your profile and update us on your life as it goes on?
8/25 c127 Gabriel Perseus Potter
No need for the thanks, i mean you gave more then 120 Chapters to be obsessed with. So i should thank you. Thank you for your Time and i hope that it all works out like you want to. And who knows maybe someday will find us in this exact spot again. Me with a notification about a new chapter from you and you with a new review posted by me. Either way thank you for your work HelloDarkness07. I mean Chinmay
8/25 c127 Ydhra
I can only say thank you too, Hellodarkness. I hope your 7 month cramming will help you find something you like to do, a good job, a nice job. And maybe one day you can come back and write all you like, till then this will be an goodbye
8/25 c127 Gobert600
8/25 c127 Shadobladez
As stated before, thank you sooo much for your stories, I may have picked up this story late, but I have never regretted reading it. This story has helped me get through some unimaginably tough times and so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have given to us readers. I'll keep your stories and your fanfiction account on favorite and follow, who knows us readers may get a surprise notification in the future. Once again thank you and good luck with your career, being a front end ui Dev, I can honestly say good luck with the grind bro. Thank you again and to you future. Cheers!
8/25 c127 Johnsmythe4059
we'll miss u and ur fics
8/25 c127 Johnsmythe4059
bro u indian?
8/25 c127 harripotterette
Best of luck to you. You're awesome, and I hope things only get better and better.
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