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for Magus Killers, Tohsaka retainers

6/18/2021 c9 maxtime
So, i have been just reading this on the side, a bit of cultural correction, it isnt the girl that joins the family of the guy in Japan, its the family member thats going to be part of the marriage, which comes from less renown family which joins the other family.
So it should be more both family heads trying to come to the decision on this with Shirou still dreading his visit syria, with maybe Rin going with him.
This would be the case seeing as the Tohsaka family does have a lot of reputation and the Emiya family would also have a lot of reputation on the last years.
6/17/2021 c8 Amalgum
Haha E rank luck paired with harem protagonist EX
6/17/2021 c1 Amalgum
Where is Ilya and iri
6/16/2021 c5 2Noob Saibot 24
is my impression? or each time the chapters are smaller
6/15/2021 c2 6Ochsee
This is quiet the interesting take on a possible Emiya family. Not what I would expect but definitely not bad. I look forward how you will continue the story.

Goodbye with my best regards.
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