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11/16 c8 Wyran cost
An amazing chapter as per usual, glad to see this update again!
So, baring any additional events occurring, Mr spuder should be up next right? Curious as to how that fight will go, but considering the quality of all your work so far I have high hopes for the end result!

Thank you for the story! Till next time!
Wyran cost
11/3 c8 11OMAC001
Great twist on the leadership challenge!
8/13 c7 Wyran cost
This is very fun to read.
The mental picture of Leif bodly tackling Vi actually got a laugh out of me. It's so enjoyable seeing you mix the events in the episodes with the personalities of team snakemouth.
Curious about the crystal...

Thank you for the story!
Wyran cost
7/31 c7 Anon
Loving this so far. The crossover I didn't know I needed. Looking forward to future chapters!
7/31 c7 OMAC001
Love it! One of my favorite episodes. Even if the dynamics weren't quite right given last episodes paranoia fest.
6/11 c6 Wyran cost
Amazing story so far.
It is so need to see these characters interact with one another. And I am honestly curious as to how this will play out in the future.

Hope to see more!
Wyran cost
5/5 c6 5allen Vth
Even if Anne doesn't realize, she did the good thing by realizing her mistake. She was frustrated, but realized that it isn't right to take it on Leif. And Vi even apologized :D

The team is slowly solidified.
5/4 c6 11OMAC001
I honestly think this was a Then again, I've never played Bug Fables. The reaction Vi and Anne have to Lief just feels...extreme.
4/13 c5 5allen Vth
Don't worry Anne, you will appreciate Leif's sarcasm at some point.

Anne isn't as easy to forgive as Kabbu, but she was about to end that Spider's whole career in that moment. Maybe during the boss fight?
4/11 c5 11OMAC001
Lief is finally here! Hope Anne can forgive Vi.
4/11 c5 1retrogunner7
Finally an update! I wonder how the dynamic of the group will be with a team of four now? How will it affect the overall story when compared to the game?

Oh this is so exciting!
3/20 c4 5allen Vth
Read this a while ago, but I forgot to review, will fix that now.

At least Anne learned that the friendship lessons she was trying to impart perhaps aren't the best. At least she realized that. If only she did more self-introspection.

And nothing builds friendship more than to survive something deadly.
12/18/2021 c4 11OMAC001
Good way to get the group dynamic: Kabbu's cautious, Vi's impetuous and Anne becomes monkey in the middle. Hey, 'monkey'...
10/16/2021 c3 Hellman76
Can’t wait for the next chapter of the story along with the debut Leif for Anne, vi and kabbu to meet
9/5/2021 c3 5allen Vth
I suppose it's too early to assume suspicions, but still, let it be known that it was Vi who told them.

First team attack has been unlocked, and more importantly, more team bonding has transpired.

Anne might not be the sister Vi wishes to bond with, but she can make for a good second one.

Anne learned the importance of not being controlling like Sasha.
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