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for Waking up as Izuku Midoriya

10/21 c7 Mark
I love toga and I hope to see you do somthing about her! Also I'm definitely more of a lover of the redemption arcs then "save" arcs for her.

Saving her dramatically changes her character, and prevents the toga we all know an love generally.

Redemption means we get the crazy girl in all her glory as well as slowly having her become less so over time. Which

I just love.

Anyway great story. I'll be following it
10/8 c1 Octderlue
more please
9/6 c7 4Chronosign
I hope there'll be more soon.
7/12 c7 Octderlue
more please
7/8 c7 apostlelord
i like the idea of the story and cant wait to see where it goes.
7/5 c7 LordNimmu
7/2 c7 ndjjdjsujsj
Nice story so far the only downside I could tell you is that the chapters are a bit short. Other than that alls good. Keep up good work!
7/2 c7 Omnipotent X
Nice work with this chapter.
7/2 c7 3Iwillwritegoodoneday
Fav alredy
7/2 c7 Gouravsilentreader
Interesting story
Love it so far
Looking for next part eagerly
Please update soon
7/1 c7 Brocole07
good story so far suggestion when the hero and villain mock match happened in ua I hope by then You should have at least 2-3 5 of on for all full cowling working so you can give him a good fight. He doesn't even have to win maybe just injure Bakugo enough so he knows you mean business. Also plenty of trash talk please
6/21 c6 Guest
good stuff, I hope to see more soon
6/21 c4 Guest
By 'does not work on mutant types', are you saying it doesn't turn them off physically? Or are you not aware that any extra part, like a tail or second set of arms or chemical pouch, becomes inactive?
6/21 c6 3JayTheStar
Had a lot of fun reading these first 6 chapters, can't wait for more. I don't know what you want to do for ships, or if there'll even be one, but I hope to see more of bros being bros. Aoyama and Shoji are awesome guys but get no attention in canon.
6/19 c3 HimikoBestGirl
I like it so far, I would just say that there's some grammar issues. Spaces missing, words not capitalized, things like that. Other than that, well have to wait and see what you come up with. Perhaps you could save Toga too, before she becomes a villain? Always liked her more than Ochako.
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