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for Unintended Consequences (The Great Wandout)

8/29 c21 43Brother Grimace
In Chapter 21, when Molly talks to Arthur at the Three Broomsticks, her comments about benefitting from knowing Harry but staying at a distance (along with the way she, Ginny & Ron act) marks her as a Slytherin rather than a Gryffindor.
8/22 c1 1Xanathos
He may not be related to Mick, but is Jim Paulson related to Robert?
8/14 c38 octayoung
I loved the story! It was one of the more original story lines I've read in quite awhile. Sorta/kinda heavy on details, but I persevered. I jotted down all your recommendations and will work my way through them as I can. No one can say you don't measure up as a great storyteller, in fact I put you on par with Robst! I've read hundreds of fanfics, but sadly I've discovered that I'm pants at writing you for all the time and energy you put out for our enjoyment.
8/10 c35 jrs6446
poor sheep
8/10 c28 jrs6446
how do you shake hands with a spider. very carefully
8/6 c38 TuxedoMac
Okay I remember when I seen this come out and the talk of the challenge. And I was like I don't know because the description was a little off sudden for me personally. But then after reading one of your other stories I was like you know I am going I am going and I am definitely going to read it. Then I started reading this. And I must say over the last weeks I've let a few other stories go on their updates because I just couldn't put this down.
Then I sure read this and I see the characters that are ones you've used before characters that are used in other fix and they've just been given so much of a history of backstory a personality that it almost makes them feel like cannon. Am I sorry that it took me this long to read Yes. Am I glad I finally read it oh hell yes. I honestly want to read others that have picked up the challenge, because you have set up in a way that you did it like this but yet it offers a few other ways that one can do it. I enjoyed it immensely especially with your little bits at the end of some of the chapters here and there that made it seem more enjoyable.

8/2 c38 Erielaw
A very satisfying read. Thank you for this completed story!
7/31 c1 SimplyAdventures
I do like this story and I've read up to chapter 19 so far. I think you really have to like the writing style to stay engaged with the story. It's easy for me but like another comment says it's very transactional and business report-y. It doesn't really get into the heart of relationships. If you're looking for something that goes in depth with povs and talks more about like internal dialogue and feeling you're not going to get that here. Still a good read and I think the prompting for this story is really good. I do expect to continue and finish.
7/21 c38 odonnellzoo99
I decided that it was time to read this as a complete story. I truly enjoyed reading the chapters as the story updated, but I definitely prefer the flow of reading a complete story from beginning to end.
The collaboration with Tom works extremely well.
Thank you for continuing to write great stories.
Give Hannah a scratch behind the ears from me.
7/20 c37 Greysh
great chapter :) loved the wedding -
the pictures are a lovely idea :)
I can see them ! very well described
7/17 c38 Osmodious
As always, a good and thought provoking read…several really nifty ideas and concepts in here! Good characters and balance of dialogue and exposition, nice pacing, and the usual high quality writing round out my comments. Thanks for posting!
7/14 c30 tashriia
After so many AUs I can never keep much straight in my mind, but most authors use Cedric's death and the actions not taken afterward to really develop Amos as a character. Otherwise, he appears as happy being a braggert about Cedric beating Harry to the snitch and keeping the status quo.
7/13 c25 tashriia
Back stories, character development, and interesting interaction make for memorable OCs. They aren't good if they were just put there to fill a spot. Great ones have appeared in multiple stories by various FF authors by permission of the original authors. Some of my favorites who quickly come to mind are Connie Hammer, Barchoke, Randi Bell, Anna Daily, and Michelle Wood. The expanded Creevey family are fun to see.
7/13 c24 tashriia
Umbridge is always associated with pink. Being a typical guy, I don't think Arthur would consider color as something to fix up before bringing Molly over. So I hear Molly saying, "But Arthur, why is it so pink?!"
7/7 c25 wilfredo.retamal
Tried to keep going, to see where the story went. Couldn't do it.

It takes an impressive skill to take an idea like the complete societal collapse of magical western Europe and turn it into 38 chapters of business reports.

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