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for The Life and Times of Draco Malfoy (SI)

9/13 c4 arsenethefool
ever gonna update this? and longer chapters would be nice, as these seem to be like mini-plans for overarching plot points of the story
8/31 c5 kingslayer98
I honestly like what I have read so far but it feels more like reading an outline of a fic rather than an actual story
Each chapter so far has enough going on that it should be stretched into 2-3 long chapters so that both the plot and world building are shown organically and with greater detail
8/26 c4 Ryaan.G
Bring em up short or long, I dont mind. I'm loving this till here man. Tho one thing I noticed is the very limited character interactions. You should do some of those, not only do they spice up the story a bit, they add character and they'll also give you basically free material to nicely lengthen the chapter without affecting the pacing or having to hastily rush the story.
8/26 c2 Ryaan.G
Have only read 2 chaps but this is turning out brilliantly. I hope you didn't stop writing this
8/14 c5 kageknuser2710
This was great so far!
8/2 c5 arsenethefool
any idea when we can get an update? also these chapters are hella short alr, so cutting them down further seems like a strange idea
7/14 c5 tgfofp
Those chapters are already on the short side, about 2k words, so I can't imagine what you call a short one. 1k, 500 words?

I wanted to comment on your writing style. There is a lack of descriptions on almost everything and no character development at all. Some dialog and interactions won't go amiss too. Maybe even a POV of his parents, students, teacher, friends. So far, it's like you are writing a report or an especially long email. It feels a bit dry, so you might want to work on that. Your grammar is pretty good, though.

Anyways, see you in the next update.
7/14 c1 tgfofp
Many cliches and quite cringy at times. Falling for his own mom the moment he sees her, hating his father without even meeting him before, conquering the world when he gets his wand... really? Are you supposed to be Sauron?

Anyway, I'll have to read more to decide on your story.
7/11 c5 1Wulf47
It's far more likely that there's other self inserts screwing things up, whoever it is is certainly being more subtle about it than Draco. I'm actually pleased with the direction of this story, at least none of the silly fanfic tropes have reared their heads yet like runic enchantment or magical cores.
7/11 c4 Wulf47
Ah, is Ced another SI? Interesting! Personally I prefer longer chapters even if it's weeks or months between chapters.
7/11 c3 Wulf47
The solution to getting Draco's name in the cup is actually rather simple and elegant, don't bother trying with the cup at all, instead enchant the slips of paper the others will write their names on to change to Draco's name once some time has passed, I doubt there would be any protections on the paper. Just make sure you only do it to the ones for Hogwarts so Draco's name isn't called three or four times!
7/11 c2 Wulf47
I'm surprised the odds of Draco's bet were only 15 to 1, for Ireland to win while the other team catches the snitch was a huge shock to everyone since catching the snitch is usually what wins the game. I would have put it at 100-1 odds, Draco was robbed!
7/10 c5 Chryseum
This is complete AU, all of these changes cannot be attributed to our mc being different, so this isn't canon at all and now we can't be sure about anything. Moody might not be crouch, Voldemort might be good and Dumbledore evil or other sh*t. It's a pity :(.
7/10 c5 3Nydelok
I forgot to sign in to favorite the story… the previous guest review is mine
7/10 c5 Guest
2 to 4 chapters a week? HELL YEAH! Anyway, great chapter, great story. I feel like now that Potter isn’t in the tournament, Draco should try to actually get the cup, in the hopes that it won’t bring him to the graveyard.
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