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for The Life and Times of Draco Malfoy (SI)

6/27 c2 JohnMonty
Good chapter! I like how the fanfic is coming along, glad you chose Malfoy over someone like Neville Longbottom or Ron Weasley. Good to see his talent in the Mind Arts growing and hope to read of Malfoy reading others minds like Weasley and uses that info to prank and embarrass him and other idiots like that Smith guy from Hufflepuff. I can just imagine the look on Hermione's face if you had Draco excelling in class and outsmarting her. That could eventually lead to A good pairing if you don't have any ideas for partners in mind. They become rival academics that slowly have A mutual respect for each other, that grows to like, affection that grows to lust then love. He would make A good alley for Potter if he and Weasley can swallow there pride and put the BS aside and let him help. Though I don't think that's the route you will go down. Will there be lemons and gore-filled combat in future chapters? Looking forward to reading more and hope you update soon!
6/24 c1 Levianeus
It has potential, I hope your mc gets it into his head that he will need to do 'questionable' decisions in his future. He seems like a 'nice' guy? Like his disdain for Lucius, and being commanding to an elf. Hopefully in the next chapters will see his dream change him into a more cunning person. Also, Hermione is a must fmc. 7.5/10
6/18 c1 Guest
Good grammar so far a little to soon to tell story wise
But the set up is good I would say 7/10 ways to raise that rating would be more chapters and not dropping!
6/19 c1 DukeNightHawk
Nice Keep up the good work.
6/18 c1 Coldsan
An interesting start, and a good one at that..
But i want to ask you author, this doesnt have an incest right? Or yaoi? Its just not my cup of tea you know..

Keep up the good work
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