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5/7 c1 5Appah
Really want to see a chapter 2 of this.
3/15 c1 Kaido
do more fic like this you already did one with asahina 78 class, owari 77 class and ruruka ando.
can you make a makoto fic with a girl from class 79
tenko (his hatred for men changing to an obsession with makoto would be interesting)
kaede (it would be super sweet sexy and I want to see a lemon with them they are also like soulmates)
miu (can you imagine if makoto takes her to meet his family?)
others i would like to see
makoto x chisa ( sensei needs love)
makoto x ibuki (don't know what to expect)
1/6 c1 1PersonaNinja Lux
does this count as Yandere?
9/23/2021 c1 dustinlemque
where is the next chapter of this story please let me know if you can please
7/21/2021 c1 Kokiks100
Odd but strangely fascinating pairing. Looking forward for more
7/2/2021 c1 Guest
Makoto x ibuki o saionji
6/28/2021 c1 dragonfruit879
I do love crack ships with the og hope
6/27/2021 c1 Joseph King
6/18/2021 c1 Mrd
well it's a strange couple but it's interesting.
you can also make a fic of makoto x kaede
imagine it they seek comfort among themselves since their detective friends are very busy working
6/18/2021 c1 9wesst1
Yeah, that's Ruruka alright. Now I'm curious if Makoto will snap out of it or give into it. Great story!

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