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11/6/2022 c1 Tagss
Bruh I though this was a one shot, I was so fucking happy when I realized it had not one, but 16 chapters

it's like a reward
11/5/2022 c16 Timmy Turner2
I really enjoyed this fanfic. Definitely my favorite AU Lunami i've read. I'll miss seeing it in my update feed, but I'm glad it's completed.

Although, the ending did feel like one of those romance manga where they finally get together, and then it ends, leaving you wanting more
11/5/2022 c16 Nadylyn Lilac
Goddamn...I did not expext this happening when I clicked the next button BWHHAHAHA happy for the both of them 3

Thank you for writing!
11/3/2022 c14 wolfgang04
Hello, my favorite author-san~!

How are you? I wanna tell you something. I think I really miss your updates. You know why? I just had a dream of receiving an email notif about an update to Platonic. My gosh. This is probably because I keep checking my mail lately just to see if you have updated your fic already. Hahahahha

Anyway, I'm not pressuring you. I just thought of telling you. Lolol But I'm not saying that I dont miss your writing. I hope you can come back soon. Heheheh. So that's all. Keep healthy and stay safe always!
10/22/2022 c14 wolfgang04
Hello author-san. Just dropping by to say that i miss your writing. Hehehehe. I was quite surprised to see that you really updated your two chapters with just few days difference. I hope I can read your new chapters soon. Anyway, stay healthy always.
9/25/2022 c14 Nadylyn Lilac
AHHHH LUFFY! PLS HEED ZORO'S ADVICE SHBSJABAJ I dont want anymore drama just sjbsjdbsj i love them so warm
9/25/2022 c14 1NamiKawaii
I love everything about this story and was waiting upon the new chapter and ahhhh its so good. the tension and stubbornness! its really perfect
9/24/2022 c14 Timmy Turner2
I'm glad luffy has zoro there to talk some sense into him. As always, great chapter
9/24/2022 c3 0714pens
HOW TO UNREAD AFKDKDK the moment I saw Arlong's name as Nami's ex I cringeeeed so hard and immediately scroll down fast. Then when I read the summary, I saw his name AGAIN! SHDJDHDKJ I CAN'T DEAL! I WANNA PUKE! I JUST CAN'T ABSURD HE'S NAMI'S EX IN THIS STORY. I know this is just fic but... I just find it very disturbing.

P.S. I think it is better not to mention Arlong's name in the summary for readers' peace of mind.
9/23/2022 c2 0714pens
Does anyone know where to find someone like Luffy? Such a sweet guy -
9/23/2022 c1 0714pens
Already loving it!
9/19/2022 c13 wolfgang04
omg. i'm sorry i didn't notice that you have already uploaded a new chapter for viking and his wife. i will read it later. hahahaha
9/19/2022 c13 wolfgang04
Author-san~! Hello~!

As promised, I'm back to give my proper review. Heheheh.

First of all, I just want to say that I loved every chapter you post! Idk why but it always draws me into it so much! Maybe that's how you're good in writing! Heheheh

For this chapter, I fell in love with Luffy and Nami's interaction AGAIN. I'm already feeling jittery of when they're going to confess to each other! Hahahahah Though, I just noticed that Nami kinda falls in assumptions easily 9or gets in a bad mood) which ruins the mood instantly, sometimes for a short while, sometimes kinda long while. In this instance, it was when she saw Luffy with Carrot. I hope she can change subtly..? (But hey, is it for real? Luffy spent an hour talking to Carrot before he noticed that Nami took so long in the restroom? Heheheh. Maybe you might want to change it for half an hour, instead?)

Anyway, I'm actually curious on how Law will affect the relationship between Luffy and Nami. Since you said that he's a doctor, does it mean that the rival is older than Luffy and Nami since Luffy is about to enter college, right? He's in his last year of high school, right? I want to see Luffy's reaction towards this scenario and if he will get jealous or not.

Can I make a request, tho? When it's time for the confession, can you make Luffy confess to Nami first and not the other way around? I usually see LuNa fanfics where it was Nami who confesses first so I really want to see a fic where it will be Luffy first.

By the way, I know it will be difficult since the scene is already done but can you make a POV of Luffy about the kiss scene? Maybe a flashback? I want to see whether he stopped kissing Nami just because he really felt hungry or because of another thing (if he felt butterflies in his stomach? lol) Aaahh~ I just really love a romantic Luffy! HAHAHAHAH

So yeah, that's it. I hope you can upload another chapter soon! Thank you so much, my favorite LuNa author~! Love love love you! Take care always! :) :)

Waiting for the new chapter of Viking and His Wife. Hehehe
9/13/2022 c13 1wolfgang04

Okay, I'm sorry for the caps lock, I'm just really happy to see the email notification. Hahahahah! Honestly, I'm still in the intro of the chapter but I just can't wait to send my regards (or review in 's term. lol). I will give a proper review after I read the whole chapter. I just got to work so yeah, need to work first. Imma read your latest chapter tonight. :)

The agony of waiting and checking my email to see your update is soooo worth it! I love you, my fave nalu author-san! Gambatte!
9/13/2022 c13 Nadylyn Lilac
Damn. I can sense the drama and the shit hitting the fan moments shsusbsjbs i dont think i cant take the slow burn anymore

Thank you for writing!
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