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for Luffy's Marineford

7/25 c6 9Drake G. Reaper
I've got to wonder if after Luffy's freed who is going to be part of his crew if he'll even meet or recruit any of the Straw hats we know.
7/24 c6 miles
well i have to say i can't wait to see akainu face when he understand in what shit he put the marine into, cause let's be serious they almost lost against white beard in canon so if shanks comes to help well... i can't really say i'm worried about luffy cause i really think they are bitting off more than they can shew. it it is almost a crackfic. and strangelly i'm more curious of the sequel about how luffy might start his journey.
7/23 c6 sam
idk why the world government would even try at this point, they got two yonkos coming after them..
7/23 c6 NoaRien
Great job loved it
7/23 c6 MR97
Me encanta la historia, estoy súper enganchada, y aunque no soy una experta hablando inglés; i want to tell you that i really really love this story and i'm dying only to know what's going to happen next
7/17 c5 NoaRien
Great job loved it
7/16 c5 Greer123
Great work writing the interaction between Dragon and Garp in this chapter. Thank you for the shout out in this chapter.
7/15 c4 Guest
Great story!
I definetely want to read more of this!
Which level is Luffy held? And is he chained in his cell?
7/11 c4 NoaRien
Great job loved it I'm betting that was garp calling
7/11 c4 Greer123
I loved the way you wrote Sabo reuniting with Ace in this chapter. Thank you for the reply to my previous comment as well.
7/2 c3 Greer123
I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I am doing well myself thank you for asking. Thank you for writing the way Luffy is dealing with Impel Down.
7/2 c3 NoaRien
Little upset that only sano from the revolutionary’s are going to help luffy
7/2 c3 Leona Lawrence
Aaa- can't wait for the next chapter! I'm really looking forward to Ace's reaction to Sabo! I hope it's awesome in the next chapter!
7/2 c3 Poseidon3000
good fic
6/29 c2 Zak2008
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