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9/25 c33 Batmanwolf738
What happened to Fawkes?
9/25 c9 Aetherium21
Theres so many god damn revelations of significant importance throughout the chapters. Really sympathizing with Harry and very much hope he can get Bones and the rest of the world to get him information soon as possible
9/14 c49 Gilliweed
In the neck, you have a choice to describe possible damage that is between the jugular or the carotid, but not the aorta. The aorta goes from your heart a bit upwards then right down through the center of your abdomen, nowhere near the neck.
9/14 c42 Gilliweed
What I don't understand is, didn't Umbridge get arrested along with Fudge for corruption and line theft many chapters back? And now she's suddenly free AND in the ministry again, just like that and without any explanation? That's a serious continuity breach in the story.
9/13 c35 Gilliweed
Why was Neville sitting next to Harry in the prefects meeting during the train ride? They're both on the same house and in the same year, so only one of them can be a prefect...
9/11 c58 UncagedAgent
Fine story with great writing. My one criticism is that there are too many characters and subplots, about 20 chapters in I started skipping around to find the story lines I cared about and skip the boring ones I didn't.

Fantastic job developing the world, it was quite impressive, just not my cup of tea
9/11 c28 rookie802
Love this story. D9nt know how I ever missed it. Cannot wait to continue
9/11 c5 squidwardeats
I can't believe harry would rather be starved insulted and beaten every day rather than some arguments once in a while
9/7 c18 Sahamosveb
I like the story, everything is fine, but this theme of “light” and non-resistance to evil through violence really infuriates.
I don’t know, maybe further along the plot the author will stop making little kittens out of Harry and Neville and grow balls for them. It feels like Harry here in terms of moronism/slobbering is several times worse than in the canon.
And this topic with “You are a better man than them”, “don’t stoop to their level”, which Tracey told Neville such nonsense that it was sickening.
Hello, the guy's parents were tortured to the state of vegetables, and she told him "no, you don't want to kill them" it's just disgusting to read.
9/6 c58 steve.moore.9081323
Great story
9/6 c58 JaBeviH2O
I only come on this site infrequently. Some of the stories are not that well thought out or written. People try and they tell their stories. I applaud their dedication to writing their stories. I have not been brave enough to do even that. So they are one up on me.

This story was NOT one of those! This story was well thought out, good characters and story lines to go with them. There were only a dozen (maybe more) typos and misspellings. To say I couldn't put it down would be a understatement.

I kept waiting for Nev to get Excalibur. Or them meeting the Lady of the Lake. But the Greek God was an Interesting twist. I think the authors use of the Arthurian stories was a interesting and good use.

I would love for the author to go back into the children's lives and expand on them. Or some other plot line. I'm going to see what else this author has done. And see if any other story is as enjoyable.

THANK YOU for your creativity and dedication in completing this story. The chapter note where you talked about being sick, I'm glad you didn't pull a ROBERT JORDAN and die mid-story! I know it wasn't his idea to kick the bucket, but man that reallllly sucked...
9/5 c58 1Atomicity
I blazed through this entire story in the past couple weeks, and I have to say your work here is absolutely beautiful. Even from the beginning, with Harry development and working through is abuse, the intro to politics and wizarding high society, the build-up of young love (adoringly sweet and innocent and realistic). It's all very well done.

And then in "part 2" with the family histories, lore, Camelot, more political games, and all the growing relationships.

Incredible work!
9/4 c11 finalxenseraph
Again with this anger and temper tantrums, you write your Harry with is so damn annoying every time he hears any little crap it sets him off it always stops him from hearing stories that could help him understand his parent's life. Another thing the unintentional James worship like his crap doesn't stink even in canon I barely considered him a decent guy I know this is a problem from actual canon but good god does it annoy me to always read in novels James was this, James was that can we get some Lily love in a fanfic for once I mean she only gave birth to him and sacrificed her own life to power an ancient ritual to save him but ya sure let all worship James.
9/4 c10 finalxenseraph
I don't know what it is, but I dislike this Harry. I understand as an abused child having trust issues but his temper tantrums and inability to hear out the stories or at least listen to others and then come to a logical conclusion without going full-blown nuclear at the drop of a dime as soon as he hears something that makes him angry is just so idiotic.
9/4 c11 Anee-1
Amelia is so damn manipulative. How can Harry heal, face his issues if she keeps important pieces of relevant information from him until she deems it convenient to tell him? She also did not respect his boundaries. She asked if she could come into his room, he did give her permission. She opened the door, to check he was OK, fine, she asked again if she could come in, he again did not give her permission but she entered anyway and the made him feel guilty for his anger. She again did not tell him what was in his scar, pretending she didn't know. A lie of ommission is still a lie. And she justified her lying and manipulating in the exact same way Dumbles did, "Too young" "trying to protect you" except this time, because he's so desperate for a family and someone he can trust, he buys into "she never lied to me" despite knowing she isn't telling him important things. She didn't tell him Lupin was coming either.

Harry was going to go the trial, but she upset him and pushed him until she was able to convince him not to go and all under the guise that it was "for his benefit". God your Amelia is actually more insidious than your Dumbles. She's horrific.
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