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9/21 c10 Burnout850
Fantastic story so far. The way Yojimbra introduces his AU without forcing it down your throat should be an inspiration for all authors.
9/19 c10 Maman-Sofia
I adore this story sfm also GOOD ENJI YES! Also Ann awww and HELL YEA J YOU ROCK KING SHIT
9/16 c10 TheShob
I knew it was jinpei
9/16 c4 TheShob
I liked this
9/16 c1 TheShob
9/13 c10 alithenerd
why am i on fire was a really good fic. i've read it 2 or 3 times. this one is great too. honestly almost all your stuff is great.
9/12 c10 Joker D. Zero
Oh my god, amazing
9/10 c10 16Luciendar
This is an interesting one. I'm curious what will happen next. I have a feeling her brother isn't in Germany though.
9/8 c10 Technically Shipper Trash
This is incredible. I love it when people stick to the HPSC. I can't wait to see what you do next.
9/6 c10 jellatinous
wow thanks for confirming we get awesome balls enji. seriously bnha has enough drama saturation already, one less in an AU makes my day a lot better
9/5 c10 luiseduardob303
8/31 c10 Daggerxxx
Okay, the question of motives is closed. Although, everything happens so quickly that you do not have time to get imbued with history.
8/31 c8 Daggerxxx
Okay, a simple question. Why can't she refuse these murders? What is her motivation to continue working as an assassin? Some kind of conflict from scratch.
8/30 c10 Blueberry
So Uso brainwashed her into shooting a kid? Damn...
8/29 c2 evymel
another story i like! damnnnnnnn
can i throw a bait?
how will she gain TRUE experience?
i wish for a situation like this:
with the appearance of quirks Russia quickly escalated to a civil war where groups were lead by mafia's the ministry and government is a puppet held collectively by the mafia's so that outside interference are blocked...
than i just imagine the character you created going on missions, assasinations. fighting and training in the snow with tactical gear.
surviving alone in lets Siberia and hunting animals with dangerous quirks for experince! ahhh having a sniper is so cool!
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