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10/28/2022 c10 artfully
I'm sad now
10/4/2022 c1 arispuffer
Fuckig you again?

Most of the most amazing MHA story were your and it like all of them was what I wamted to see too,

Gosh I lovd you so much

Thank you so much for the story,

Stay safe!
8/12/2022 c10 Sandary22
I loved this story! Please don't give up on it your writing is amazing
3/31/2022 c10 12mastercheif1229
Great story so far! Hope that you continue it at some point!
1/25/2022 c4 6Jaredpjm
Holy shit! Someone got the true explanation for Deku right!
12/7/2021 c10 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
11/16/2021 c10 1AxelLord20
Lemon doko?
10/7/2021 c10 Genesis09
I like this version of Enji. Especially when they asked him about Junko and Izuku's relationship, "It's none of my goddamn business, and not yours either." And the aside to Enji dodging the evil Enji bullet. Loving this story. Though you'd think with Junko dating Izuku that Mei would be like, "I NEED TO MEET HIM! HE NEEDS TO USE MY BABIES!"
9/21/2021 c10 Burnout850
Fantastic story so far. The way Yojimbra introduces his AU without forcing it down your throat should be an inspiration for all authors.
9/19/2021 c10 Maman-Sofia
I adore this story sfm also GOOD ENJI YES! Also Ann awww and HELL YEA J YOU ROCK KING SHIT
9/16/2021 c10 TheShob
I knew it was jinpei
9/16/2021 c4 TheShob
I liked this
9/16/2021 c1 TheShob
9/13/2021 c10 alithenerd
why am i on fire was a really good fic. i've read it 2 or 3 times. this one is great too. honestly almost all your stuff is great.
9/12/2021 c10 Joker D. Zero
Oh my god, amazing
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