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12/13/2023 c18 witchsbroom
I just love this story. for some reason I don't get my emails for updates on your stories. Hope there is a new chapter and that they can also free Sirius from prison. I'm loving how Harry is slowing making friends in other houses in around about way. I'm sure Artichus finding out Harry is a fully empath at eleven is not a good sign. can't wait to see what happens next in this chapter
11/24/2023 c18 CURLYKATE
11/22/2023 c18 arvora
I Love the way you write, I follow almost all your stories.
I am eagerly waiting for any chapter you put out.
11/20/2023 c18 nickie.hopkins
Love this and can't wait to read more
11/8/2023 c18 APridefulSin
mwahahahahaha Severus will probably fix him up
11/8/2023 c18 15Saissa
Please do not abandon this story! I love it all.

I really want to see Harry get his HEA - especially if it's with Marcus Flint!
11/3/2023 c18 lillisa34
wonderful story I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading more.
11/2/2023 c18 Entertainment lover
Amazing chapter. The conversation between Arcturus and Severus was interesting. It is nice that Severus told Arcturus the truth about Harry. I am sure that Severus can cure Arcturus.
11/2/2023 c17 Entertainment lover
Excellent chapter. The letter was interesting. The conversation between Harry,Severus and Marcus was interesting. I loved how Severus wants to protect Harry. It is sure that Arcturus will make Harry the Heir.
11/2/2023 c16 Entertainment lover
Awesome chapter. The conversation between Harry,Marcus,lucian,draco and Terrence was interesting.I loved how Marcus answers Harry’s questions so patiently. I liked how Marcus handled draco. The conversation between Marcus,Harry and Severus was nice.
11/2/2023 c15 Entertainment lover
Fantastic chapter. I loved how Arcturus dealt with Vance family for betraying him. The conversation between Harold,Emmeline and albus was nice. Harold should not have listened to albus. The conversation between Arcturus,Narcissa and Lucius was awesome. It is good that Arcturus gave the baby girl to Lucius and narcissa.
11/2/2023 c14 Entertainment lover
Wonderful is nice that Ron got to know that his mum lied to him. The conversation between Harry and Neville was interesting. It is awesome that Harry is being a good friend to Neville. The conversation between Harry,Marcus and Severus was nice.
10/29/2023 c18 Shelly
I love this story. I love Harry and Marcus being together. I can't wait to read more.
10/26/2023 c13 annygabriellyjesusaraujo
Não entendi a parte cedrella Black nascida Weasley.
Não seria Cedrella Weasley nascida Black, porque ela nasceu Black e ser casou com um Weasley, pois eu sei que pegar o sobrenome do marido na maioria dos casos.
10/16/2023 c18 scoutsout141
please update great story
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