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for Melting the Ice

4/16 c36 2flonkerton1987
oh man such a good story. im disheartend that it appears abandoned
3/2 c18 GreengrassRebel
I've always thought those work arounds for the Fidelius don't make sense, they turn what is described as a terribly complex spell into a minor inconvenience. If Remus isn't the secret keeper I guess Sirius is, then just have Remus give Harry a piece of paper from Sirius like they do in book 5 (In the book Dumbledore is the secret keeper). A piece of paper with the secret written by the secret keeper is the canon way for non-secret keepers to share the hidden information.
3/1 c7 GreengrassRebel
Hermione didn't get an O in Divination because dhe dropped it, while she did get one in Muggle Studies because she sat the exam and then decided to drop it.
2/7 c18 2Cain O'Phelan
I’ve made it this far, and enjoyed it, though some sections are easier than others. Overall, nicely done. I really wish Harry would give Ron the ass whipping he’s earned. But i think that about nearly all of these stories, including the original, canon work. Ron is an unfaithful ass with mommy issues.
1/18 c18 Lilyngwie
Loving this so far. Please update soon!
1/15 c35 1blcoachmac
Time to discretely starf fighting back! Catch one alone, stun him and slit his throat! Get a handgun ir rifle silence it and shot them at range, there is no fair fight, just living or dying!
1/15 c34 blcoachmac
Good chapter! The time to choose sides isnow! The killing will start soon! Hopefully Sirius and Amelia survive to help Harry conquer!
1/14 c31 blcoachmac
Maybe Sirius or Remus can start taking out some enemies! Get the Unspeakables involved!
1/14 c29 blcoachmac
When you going to get Harry to Gringotts? He is also an heir to multiple houses?
1/14 c28 blcoachmac
Good chapter! They are starting to realize they like each other. At some point going to have to start culling the death eaters! Youlooking at 75 to 100 chapters!
1/14 c27 blcoachmac
Harry needs to start killing death eaters every time he has to fight, they are trying to kill him!
1/14 c25 blcoachmac
Loved it! Too bad he didn’t kill the arsewipe!
1/12 c10 blcoachmac
Kill Malfoy!
1/12 c9 blcoachmac
Get Sirius and Greengrass to do an opened betrothal between Harry and Daphne!
1/12 c8 blcoachmac
Time now to forever dump the Weasel!
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