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for BNHA: Hero Of Obscurity

7/13/2021 c2 54Death Fury
loved the chapter, and like the idea
7/13/2021 c1 Death Fury
Nice job
7/2/2021 c1 Gouravsilentreader
Interesting story
Love it so far
Looking forward to the next part eagerly
Please update soon
6/28/2021 c2 1Nanase Elise
Actualización !por favor¡
6/27/2021 c2 entron
Cool story so far, though I think bakugou only got that arrogant after he got his quirk. I like what you have written so far though.
6/26/2021 c2 RyusakiUchiha
Amazing! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
6/25/2021 c2 Kevin06x
Early on but I really suggest you slow down the pacing. I understand you want to get to canon but it is a tad bit too fast. You should flesh his character out more and give more interactions as a basis. I find this premise interesting so I shall continue but I do suggest spacing out scenes more and dwell more into his powers even if we as an audience know most of it, it is better to explain properly. Also not a criticism but something I found funny was how Bakugo was talking trash when he was 4 years of age lol. Thanks for the hard work.
6/24/2021 c2 TehStorm
I hope you won't give anyone else chakra, but i DO hope Izuna will drag his brother to learn hand to hand and exercise. At least his Izuku won't have a twig body.

Also hope for a scene where the MC puts bakugo in his place and end saying something like "Your will, your determination, your quirk...everything you have is meaningless in front of this eyes of mine..."
6/24/2021 c2 Doctor Doofenshmirtz
I've read at least half a dozen "Sharingan MHA" stories in the last year. Pretty much none of them were longer then 5 chapters.

We'll see how this goes.
6/23/2021 c1 prisontaker
I feel like you kind of blazed through the process of events giving them only a single paragraph or so each and could’ve prolonged it to make it go smoother instead of making it seem like you jumped on a pogo stick this whole story. It felt like somebody did some rope jumping.

But who am I to speak, I’m not a writer.

The premise seems simple enough, that’s what pulled me in, so I’m gonna go watch this. Maybe give a vote just because to get this a bit more attention.
6/22/2021 c2 Omnipotent X
Not a bad start, although since they’re going to become heroes together does that mean you’re gonna have one of the original members of class 1-A removed, because to be honest I think it would’ve been more better to have him born one year before Izuku.

But this is your story so do what you need to do, good luck.

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