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for Cedfia Week In the Palm of My Hand

6/25/2021 c1 116NerdsinaTree
Nnnng! Absolutely precious! I just adored the way Sofia stroked Cedric’s head as he lay it in her lap. And then him letting slip his plan to ask for her hand in marriage as he drifted off to sleep. So so super precious! :)
6/22/2021 c1 500AquaTurquoise
Wow! That's one way to propose! Haha, love it! What a sweet story!
6/22/2021 c1 127allyrwhitney
Hey! This was great! I especially liked when Cedric revealed his intentions to Sofia Nice work!
6/22/2021 c1 136Royal Detective
Aw, Poor Cedric. He earned his princess's undivided attention after working that hard.

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