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for Cedfia Week Midsummer Nights

7/1/2021 c1 Antiyonder
Good fic and attempt at addressing the aspect that gets controversy.

Now truth be told Cedfia is a rare case for me as my favorite ships don't have that kind of age difference or any, but I still question judging others for having more such ships cause I think how one treats real people really determines if they are a problem or harmless.

I mean can appreciate some people not wanting to ship it cause it's not their thing, but I don't understand the life imitates art argument. It's like the argument that video games that encourage fighting will turn a person violent.

As for me and the ship, I guess the reason it works is cause despite say him being older than her he never really felt that much like a mentor or such. Like it the show itself she was more often the one helping him grow and change and being the adult. Just look at Mystic Meadows where she has to be a bit pushy until he follows along.

Alternatively this one fic "From a Mother's Eyes": s/11475755/1/From-a-Mother-s-Eyes

Also from AquaTurquoise's "On Top of the World": "Anyway, I've seen you throw a few temper tantrums." She smirked as he sulked momentarily. "Age doesn't always equal maturity.""
6/26/2021 c1 115NerdsinaTree
Aww, poor Cedric :(. That was such an awful thing to accuse him of. He loves Sofia dearly and would never do something so despicable to her; and the people who think he would are utter fools. So glad Sofia was able to comfort him and put those fears to rest. Their relationship is so pure and sweet; and I hope their wedding day is all they ever dreamed :).
6/23/2021 c1 MaugeMR12
Even on busy days of a midweek, it is lightened by reading concerns that are healthily clarified and put aside, and how happiness has never depended on an alien and negative "who will say".
You are right, this was necessary, and the story speaks for itself about how significant it is (my personal favorite is "to hell with the antis, let us be happy, especially for those who gave their time to witness the beautiful things that were formed in this space, with that pair and the spectators who adore him as he deserves "). And if there is something that I also agree with both of them, it is that I should go to sleep too haha (tomorrow I hope to finish my own work with a long delay, but done with love for both of us, can I also consider it a wedding gift xD?).

Seriously, he also struck a chord with once again empathizing with Cedric's dilemma, it happened in the series and surprisingly still with every story that deepens those conflicts (I hope I don't sound so masochistic about that). In the end, it always ends up catching and liking me, this was no exception: D
6/23/2021 c1 500AquaTurquoise
This is a story that needed to be written. I love that you addressed common concerns and settled them with facts and perspective. A very sweet and mature approach to this beautiful friendship turned relationship.
6/23/2021 c1 127allyrwhitney
Terrific! I love this beautiful story! Great job! And yes describe the antis perfectly with the "grooming".
6/23/2021 c1 136Royal Detective
(Smirks) I feel this message was made to be sent to the antis, themselves! Very sweet.

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