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12/1 c23 JR
Firstly, hello. Been reading this since the first chapter came out and love everything about this story. Just wanted to tell you no worries on waiting for the rewrite. I’m happy you want to put the effort in to make a better story. Take your time. Can’t wait to read the rewrite. If we don’t see you before the holidays. Happy holidays.
12/1 c23 Drawman98
Okay, sounds good. Glad Erina is still in the story. Her deck is fun and creative and she was good at playing both the role of Joey and Kaiba for Jaden (meaning she’s good at being a good best friend and rival). Hopefully, she gets more duels in the rewrite. Good luck with the rewrite
10/26 c22 Guest
Looks like you skipped over the most amusing part of the episode where Banner’s plan to observe Jaden’s dueling was totally thwarted by him not being able to see the duel from his position in the sarcophagus. XD Still don’t know how he and Kagemaru even set that whole thing up. There were too many variables with the other students involved and Jaden could have easily gotten himself killed by the guards before then.

It also too bad that Yasmin‘s role was undercut. I don’t know what the writers originally had planned for her, but from her conversation with Jaden and some of her dialogue in one of the Tag Force games, she obviously had met Atticus as Nightshroud and seemed to have some sort of thing for him or was at least grateful towards him for some reason. It also sucks that Jaden was never seen keeping his promise and telling Atticus that she was still alive lol. I wonder if she was originally meant to make another appearance in the series, but then the writers either forgot about her or changed their minds in the end.
10/26 c22 Guest
I’ve been reading for awhile but I still don’t understand why this is rated M. It’s not really violent or explicit, so it seems like it could be rated T at most, at least for right now.

Also, this is my personal opinion, so feel free to disregard it, but I really do not like Erina as a character at this time. I find her kind of abrasive and annoying most of the time, probably because she acts like she can do no wrong and always knows best when it comes to things like Jaden. I also won’t be much of a fan of Alexis if her character is just going to be reduced to nothing but Jaden’s girlfriend and cheerleader.

Lastly, I suppose it can’t be helped if you don’t know any other way to write, but a story doesn’t seem as engaging when it feels like the narrator is someone watching the events go down and giving summarizations of what’s going on to the point where it’s mostly all telling and no showing.
10/25 c22 Drawman98
Just to let you know, you forgot to mention that Jaden summoned masked hero goka
10/25 c22 27barryc10
Nice chapter, but you skipped over Jaden Summoning Goka. You might want to fix that.
10/25 c22 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you and now onto Edina’s duel.
9/23 c21 Guest
Regarding shadow riders, I think it would plausible if Kaiba and Yugo joined the arc.
9/10 c21 T.V. 2000
It was finally revealed that Jaden is Yugi's adoptive son, I liked how many reacted, especially Crowler, when it came to the duel, it was better in comparison than the anime version.

if I were, I would skip several chapters of the anime to do the Shadow Riders arc and that Crowler or Dr banner does not have one of the 7 keys and that Erina is the one who has one of those keys
9/2 c21 NinjaFang1331
Excellent chapter and awesome school duel
9/2 c21 Drawman98
Great duel. I liked how you added the other type of armored dragons to his deck. Can't wait to see what happens next.
9/2 c1 2ToMyMaster
Good chapter in my point of view. I enjoyed the surprise you made by having both Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba in the island, seeing Jaden as the representative of Duel Academy. And I liked the way how you made Slade and Jagger feeling pressured from knowing that the president of Duel Academy was there to watch.
You made a very interesting duel between the Elemental Heroes vs Armed Dragon Thunder. The only thing that escaped me was the "Masked Hero Goka" effect: He doesn't have the monster destruction effect in it's original or anime effect... Maybe I skipped something on that duel.
I really thought that you would do the Chazz episode in North Academy, or even The Little Belowsky episode. But even so, you do what you do, you have a job now... Take care of yourself
8/13 c20 Guest
Loving this, can't wait for the next chapter to see the duel and how the other charaters react to Jaden and Alexis being a couple.
7/17 c20 Drawman98
Fun chapter. Wonder what will happen when Chazz learns about there relationship?
7/16 c19 Drawman98
Also, good job with giving Jaden the perfect card to beat Erina with.
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