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for Hailed From Different Plane

2/15/2022 c2 mr guy
you need to go over this a few more times.

interesting concept.
11/23/2021 c4 Sulzi
Very good
10/5/2021 c4 3MystRayn
Finally, Lady Maria fic has appeared. I was devastated when there were so few stories with her as a lead. It just might be because we can’t capture and portray her perfection on written page lol. But, in all seriousness, we really do need more fics with her and not just the ones where she is just a target for romance (bleh). So, thank you very much for writing this!

- MyRa
9/4/2021 c4 Fenrirsulfr
Yeah i totally understand lol. I am also Lady Maria simp and i agree there are just not enough stories with her.
8/16/2021 c4 APridefulSin
first, beautifully done. second, as long as you have fun and it's a bit like the material many won't have an issue. it's amazing that you are that dedicated to learning though because HOLY... that's 48 hours plus the book reading time...
8/14/2021 c4 Decto
All Faes must die
- Sincerely, an FGO fan
Anyways, damn, that's some dedication right there bud, good luck in your endeavors. I'm in the same position as you so I'll be glad to learn more about both series from your writing.
8/14/2021 c4 163Quatermass
Yeah, the sad thing is, as comprehensive as VaatiVidya's videos are, he doesn't really have one for the Doll and/or Lady Maria. The closest he comes to it is in his lorethrough videos of "Bloodborne: The Old Hunters"...
7/12/2021 c1 Axccel
That’s really good! I’m going to have to ignore the part where he tries to make the Doll into a portkey. He would’ve suffered the Hunter’s fury the moment he tried to do anything to her. Especially something that would steal her and, considering it’s a dream, possibly “kill” her.
7/6/2021 c3 APridefulSin
this was extremely well done, I love how the class went the interactions with students and her very real cause and effect lessons. the omake was also very entertaining!
I completely understand that updates are different for everyone and just enjoy them when they show because real life is a thing, and I can see the work put into it. there are not many crossovers in this area and I only recently became interested in them but they are all amazing, and I'm happy that you decided to share this with us no matter how long or short they are.
I hope you are able to have a good rest of your day, and I also love the way you used the lanterns too, very well done!
6/28/2021 c2 2Everpeach
Alright, despite the numerous grammatical errors this story is still quite readable and I look forward to wherever you take it. However, I would suggest getting a beta reader or an extension to help catch grammatical mistakes.
6/27/2021 c2 Guest
6/27/2021 c2 llaube
6/26/2021 c2 APridefulSin
I love the changes you've made integrating everything together and it's hard not to get completely sucked in and speed read, though I didn't. the ghosts and the thestrals were great touches and I can see everything as it happens. I will say that my favourite part hands down is the carriage ride in the train between her and Luna hands down.
thank you for the update, I wasn't expecting the notification to pop up at all since you started it two days ago, but it was well-done, and I would like to thank you for it! I hope you have a good rest of your weekend.
6/26/2021 c1 Guest
6/25/2021 c1 APridefulSin

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