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2/6 c1 Yami no Ninaite
Nice to see yet another original fictoo many rehash the same clichés. Came here from rereading another of your fics, and am greatly impressed by the feeling of insightful originality in your works. Thank you.
12/28/2022 c1 186Qoheleth
Dear Shareon:

Just thought I should mention: It should be "he was all about planning, hard work, etc." Planing is how carpenters make wood smooth.

7/24/2021 c1 11Angus MacSpon
This story just didn't work for me, sorry. It's hard to define exactly why; it's probably partly that the original "Killing Joke" is *so* strong—especially the final sequence where the Joker tells his joke and Batman actually laughs—that seeing it rewritten kind of bothers me; and partly that, as you yourself observe, we never see enough inside Joker's mind to help use follow the transformation. It's like, suddenly a switch is thrown and the Joker is reformed—albeit still in a somewhat psychotic way—and the Batman is actually going along with it. Finally, I'm afraid that the ending is a bit of a wet firecracker.

Your writing held my attention, but the end result didn't gel for me. Sorry.
6/25/2021 c1 Armiture
I liked how the Joker, after deciding to be more like batman, kept going about being a hero the wrong way and thus kept getting shut down by his inspiration. Until he decided to leave Gotham and go somewhere with fewer, or looser, rules to make a difference as a "hero."

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