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for Rise Of The Second Skywalker

2/3 c2 Visual Bliss
Typically irrational given the situation some people always assume the worst when they think about how other people view them
1/28 c4 Wandering Dude
Oh, i just read some reviews and your a fic thief. Like, your stealing other peoples writing and your readers are trying to defend you. Thats disgusting dude. Wtf, are you that talentless? Least the original authors are calling you out. Im gonna go read their stuff since.

Christen is a bitch the the way. Anything that even scratches his ego has him throwing a tantrum. Your self insert is very telling
1/29 c1 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Shitty SI is shitty
1/28 c22 Triglavian
You realy should reduce all the curse that caracters said
11/11/2022 c1 Wandering Dude
Oc looks decent, im ready to see a escaping slavery story
10/24/2022 c14 MoinLeute
and for some bad plot, Darth Bane is still alive...
10/24/2022 c12 MoinLeute
you give beskar far to less credit for its strenght...
10/24/2022 c11 MoinLeute
honestly, he is stupid. He has all that power in the force and he isnt using it, instead he uses physical force not to mention the physical boost he should have gotten after the failed ritual... now combine that with the armor he has and you have a one man army, well should because he isnt using any of it.
10/24/2022 c7 MoinLeute
the shields also block kinetic rounds... they block anything above a certain speed level, otherwise droid destroyers would be easier to kill.
10/24/2022 c6 MoinLeute
... Lord Savior?
10/24/2022 c3 MoinLeute
Darth Pelagius...
10/12/2022 c20 Guest
one year anniversary woot woot
10/7/2022 c20 Guest
just a lowly guest still waiting in almost a year if the rewrite will continue. hope the author is doin alright
6/27/2022 c20 Guest
Like. Anakin has a bother and the oc doesn't get with Padme? Well done for not going down that over done route. Makes a nice change that someone can do something different.
3/13/2022 c20 changenpan
ahhhhhhh. why did you stop writing right after the good part?kczsdlfkjalksdfjlkasjdflk;as
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