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1/3 c1 16starfiction123
Molina... don't you ever freaking stop writing sonamy EVER. I'M SO SERIOUS. a SONAMY fan on Twitter asked where to read Good stories and you're like one of the top authors I named to go to. and if I read"I love you come with me" again for the tenth time I'm gonna think I have a problem but just the way you write their whole dynamic is sooo on point and in character on a deep level that reflects idw point of view, v recent games, and just those moments that reveal themselves where others don't think or mock it. I can't to at what u do with frontiers when it comes out but now, this you're other stories are gems to read so don't stop! keep it going! heck I want an epilogue dang it
8/4/2021 c1 Fr0stF4Z3R
Really loved this one and all the details with it. This deserves more reviews, keep up the great work!
7/17/2021 c1 starfiction123
Ok I'm officially upset at the lack of reviews on this masterpiece if sonamy what the actual heck. I'm glad curiosity got the best of me to check it out this was gold
6/27/2021 c1 LittleKat
This was genuinely so cute and so wholesome. I love how you portrayed their banter and interactions. This definitely deserves more praise and reviews. Keep at it with your writing, you are really good! :)
6/27/2021 c1 NeckBreak

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