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for RWBY: Multiverse Theatre (Originated and ported from Wattpad)

3/16 c24 Guest
Great continuation!

Just wait until you see the final fight! XD

Hey, if you're planning on doing Black Adam, I might suggest starring Adam Taurus. After all his name is Adam XD
3/16 c24 sanjiv121606
Maybe have them react to AU's of Remnant
3/15 c24 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter part 4 after The Matrix continue with A) The Super Mario Bros. Movie with Neptune & Sun as Mario (Sun) & Luigi (Neptune), Weiss as Princess Daisy, Adam as King Koopa aka Bowser please.
3/15 c24 3Cruz7808
B. Bullet Train
3/15 c24 4Monster King
10/26/2022 c23 Steven
Love it.
9/4/2022 c20 karmax992
I'd recommend a Fate Grand Order singularity. Or Lobotomy corporations story.
8/14/2022 c23 Guest
"So, it's like dying in a dream, but real?"
"That's terrifying."
Show them Nightmare on Elm Street. That would really terrify them.
8/15/2022 c23 RubixJr
this is a great story. keep up the good work
8/14/2022 c23 Robbeeyy
Great set up for the movies, please do some of the Transformer movies if you can!
8/14/2022 c23 5RedMist86025949
Can you do Sam Raimi's Spiderman?
I got the cast:
Spiderman - Jaune
Mary Jane - Pyrrha
Harry - Whitley
Green Goblin - Jacques
Aunt May - Glynda
Uncle Ben - Ozpin
Jameson - Port
8/14/2022 c23 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter Part 3 continue please.
8/14/2022 c23 76Perseus12
Very good chapter and I LOVE IT! *Thumbs UP!*
8/14/2022 c23 4Monster King
8/12/2022 c22 3Shadow-Proclamation8
Hope the next movie is skull island
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