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6h c8 3FanNatic
And here we see why Heisenberg is not a vet... doctor? Whichever would work on a lycan lmao. It's nice to see him relax a bit though and do some shopping. Looks like he's found some rather interesting items. And it makes me smile to see he still remembers 'Zelma' hehe

It always makes me happy to see Moreau and Felicite getting along. and a family meeting to boot! Poor Moreau and Felicite just wanted to give their big sister a present.

Such a great chapter! You're spoiling us v keep up the great work!
5/2 c8 1Auburn4000
Huzzah! Words cannot express how excited I was to see another chapter!

I really enjoyed Heisenberg’s thought process in the this chapter. I think it perfectly captures his character. Felicite and Moreau always provide for some good quality content together. And the Duke! I love how unbothered he is, merrily carrying on his own business.

Such a wonderful update, excited for more!
4/3 c7 3FanNatic
Heisenberg you owe Nausica and Saculet an apology lol Such a sassy immortal and all the nicknames he uses to avoid actual names it feels very on character for him. I like the added touch of him whistling the song she was humming before at the end of their section.

Moreau's sadness and fear of being left behind actually got me to tear up a bit, the poor guy. I'm glad he didn't end up having to worry too much, but the phone call definitely has me concerned, oAo
4/3 c6 Still FanNatic
Long chapter wooot! I don't know why, but Moreau sharing his cheese with Felicite is the cutest thing to me. Cheese is a wonderful thing and anyone willing to share it is a saint lol. Felicite's first word being friend was cute too just that whole first part was so fluffy. Felicite got to flex a bit too with that fight seen which I am absolutely here for.

Mirela must be protected at all costs. Nausica, please don't give your adoptive mother a heart attack. Duke dealing in songs was an interesting choice too oAo I'm excited to read about the festival and her claws have me curious too. more mysteries are at hand hehe!
4/3 c5 Still FanNatic
Another chapter of amazing content! Nausica's wet hair moment is such a mood I remember having the same struggle when I was in college. Well, maybe not exactly the same since I didn't have to hide in a grave with a hot immortal man with a hammer. As an aside I love how snarky Nausica is hehe.

And more snake friend content! Always does my heart good to see Moreau and Felicite making progress with communicating.
4/3 c4 Still FanNatic
The lord smiled like a child on Christmas, tail swishing in the water. "Do you like them?"
Oh my heart. Too cute and so pure for the water lord lol I love the friendship he's building with snake friend. The mystery continues and I love it~

Nausica getting to explore and feeling excited about it despite the horrors she's seen and experienced so far made me happy too like yas girl go live your life feel alive even if that happens to be in the middle of a murder death cult... She's got this, she'll be fine. I mean, her exploring paid off in spades. She could live like a queen off that money and she has a very interesting mystery figure to keep her eye on too 6v6
4/3 c3 Still FanNatic
This was just as cool to read a second time, I love how you've introduced Heisenberg to the readers while keeping him hidden in mystery for a bit longer for 'Zelma'. Or Miss Dreva now ufufu. She definitely should get an award for her acting chops though, I must say. She's definitely earned a round of applause from me.

Oh! and I should give you props for how well you wrote Duke I could definitely hear the voice actor speaking as I read duke's lines. Same for the others, but Duke is particularly difficult to capture.
4/3 c2 Still FanNatic
Fanfic says only one review per person. I say HA! I win.

'Zelma' is amazing I live how meticulous she can be but how quickly she's willing to admit that there are times when being meticulous won't work, and she's willing to brute strength her way through the issue. RIP door, you did your best, but you are no match for her might.

Also return of the snake friend~ my curiosity remains just like Moreau's
4/3 c1 FanNatic
Figured it's been a minute, so I'd go through and do a full read through and gotta say I love it just as much as the first time I read this U so many lovely plot hooks to get invested in 3 I'm curious to find out how the two OCs are related. [or remember since it's been a minute lol]
11/21/2021 c1 ktachibana592
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9/16/2021 c7 Dumi Pear
Wow! I have loved reading this and catching up! Excellent characters and delightful writing! You explain everything very elegantly, from fight scenes, to intimate scenes, to character dialogue, all of it! Can’t wait for more but obviously take your time lol! *chefs kiss* good soup!
9/12/2021 c7 109Aviantei
Hello friend! I’ve returned to drop off another review along with many well wishes!

It was fun watching Nausica and Heisenberg interact with each other. I gleefully await their ongoing snark to eventually turn into feelings for each other. While it may take a while, a slow burn is exactly the way I like it, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you continue to build on their interactions amongst the story.

For the second half, there were def some feels with Moreau and Felicite there. I’m glad things seemed to be peaceful for a while—but judging by that cliffhanger it doesn’t seem like that mood will last. We’ll have to see just how the next chapters go, especially as we move closer to the two plot lines colliding, I suspect.

Thanks much for the chapter, and I shall see you around!
8/26/2021 c7 1Auburn4000
This chapter was so satisfying on so many levels, I loved every second of it. The name of the horse sounded like it was the fanciest thing in the world, but it’s real meaning cracked me up. Nausica and Heisenberg’s interaction was perfection and it really helped to solidify their standing with each other as characters. Felicite and Moreau were so happy together, and the feeling of dread that came with the phone call was on-point.

Excellent work, as always! Looking forward to the family meeting
8/21/2021 c6 3FanNatic
Look at these girls making friends and "friends" lol bullies, you just can't escape them vnv and poor nausica qAq gonna make me cry
8/13/2021 c6 109Aviantei
Heyo, friend, I hope you’re doing well! You were right: this chapter was longer than usual, but a lot happened, and it was very worth it.

I’m particularly heartwarmed by the friendship fluff with Felicite in the opening sections. Like yes the action scene was important and cool, but the trusting relationship building up here is just great. I have the sinking suspicion you will use this against me to break my heart later on.

I’m also intrigued by this Flower Feast coming up. I sense great potential for shipping material here, though I’m sure that’s not all you have in store. Zelma/Nausica at the end here seems to be fighting off her own demons inside. While she’s not done yet, here’s hoping her determination to move forward doesn’t hurt her in the process.

Sleepy, but still always excited to read what you have in store,
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