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for Rimuru And Iruma's Adventures In The Netherworld

7/2/2022 c63 IsaacF
Number two is the best, and they are all great!
6/29/2022 c62 6Princess Asuna
loved the update!
6/29/2022 c62 17Watcher321
Another awesome chapter! Two actually! :P And Iruma... when will you learn ' gotta say, that lesson on universal thread with Rimuru was lots of fun. I'm a little confused about the factor Ciel warned about towards the end though? Was it that Iruma would be grossed out, or that Rimuru would reveal it takes bending reality to hurt him?

Well... Iruma learned his lesson, at least, and got a cool new skill! Also, I love that Iruma and Rimuru got a sweet pair of matching gloves! I wonder where those will come in?

The confrontation with Kalego was fantastic. Well-written, lots of exciting drama, some juicy Kalego/Rimuru conversation, and the Royal One! :D Really though, if I went through everything I liked about that (and the following party/opening ceremony,) it'd just be a play-by-play. I especially liked Rimuru wiping out the fireworks battle, and the bet Iruma lost. It's so interesting to think about, how they interact around others vs what they actually are. "Absurd roleplay" is a good way to put it.

Haha, I had a feeling Ameri wouldn't let Rimuru get away scot-free with all the chaos going on. Poor Rimuru, stuck babysitting and doing paperwork while on vacation. And Ameri's potentially found a weakness in Rimuru! Though the real situation is far different from what she's probably imagining. Seeing Iruma handle the guys sneaking into the Royal One was great as well. He's so unique in the demon world (naturally, given he's human.) Rimuru or anyone else at the school would have cowed them into submission, but instead he opts for making friends. So cool!
6/27/2022 c62 Nyter086
Good chapter, I expect many interesting things for the arc of the exams hehehe.
6/25/2022 c62 ExistanceISuppose
Since its summer can you post on wednesday and saturday?
6/23/2022 c61 ExistanceISuppose
Since its summer maybe you can post twice a week like wednesday and saturday
6/22/2022 c60 Nyter086
Thanks for the update. I hope you continue to make more chapters as long as this one, and even more with the omniscient point of view.
6/18/2022 c61 GymNatty321
Goku solos rimuru and that demon king guy
6/11/2022 c60 Watcher321
It feels like it's been forever since I've had time (and energy) to leave a proper review. Started a new job, all that jazz... but oh my gosh, the STUFF you've been up to these past few weeks! Trixie's Ciel-POV chapter was awesome, and now that's my favorite version of Ciel. Not scary or malicious (as I sometimes find myself paranoid about,) just horrible with boundaries and emotions. XD Poor Ali, though, having to deal with her.

The Royal One is coming! DUN DUN DUN! ...sorry, couldn't resist. Poor Sullivan, so much is happening at once... I haven't seen the episodes yet, so I don't know what canon is like, but it was really clever of you to get Ciel involved in Iruma's personality change. Also, child Rimuru being held by Sullivan is adorable beyond words.

Let's talk about Rimuru and Iruma's chat in the field. I LOVED their conversation-it addresses some things I think you've been building up for a while now and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. I can't exactly speak from experience, but I believe Rimuru saying it sucks to be feared, and of course he would feel upset when he tries to hard to show people he's a nice guy. That said, he HAS done some serious stuff, and I think that makes him doubt his own words. Iruma talking about what he thinks was great; Iruma is an innocent sweet bean, but he's not naive. He's had it rough and met bad people in his own life, knows the title "demon lord" implies some pretty shady stuff, and that Rimuru is king of a nation that's struggled for its place in the world. I look forward to seeing this aspect of their relationship progress from here (and maybe Rimuru should have a talk with Sullivan too.)

Also it's great to see the misfit class interacting with the other students and staff more. The whole episode with Rimuru in the infirmary and the subsequent class visit and ambush was fantastic-and that little "date" with Ciel! You had me squealing!

Poor Kalego, just wants to help his students but keeps stepping on toes while he does it (not that he minds.) Seeing his genuine concern for Rimuru is touching; also his reaction to Rimuru and Iruma practically flipping roles is fantastic! Poor guy's got his hands full with them.

I really liked seeing Rimuru putting Iruma straight after that boldness-spell went to his head. Taking him outside and saving him from getting punched, bringing him back down to a very dangerous earth, was gratifying. It'll be interesting to see what Iruma says about that when he's back to normal.

Balam's investigation is also a treat and I look forward to seeing what he discovers about Rimuru. If anyone can piece together the truth, I'll bet it's him. (Speaking of, what has Henri been up to? Since he vanished after Rimuru's little outburst over the investigation I'm guessing he's assessing her threat level.) Lol, Rimuru's super chill usually but everyone who knows what she is thinks they've got a ticking nuclear time bomb on their hands... and they might not be wrong. The drama you've been building up here is wonderful!

Tldr; I want you to know I really love this fic, it's the highlight of my week and how I measure my hectic job. The chapters suddenly got longer too! What a treat! No pressure, but just know that your hard work is appreciated ;D
6/11/2022 c60 6Princess Asuna
loved the update!
6/11/2022 c60 192Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Iruma is close to getting all the seals for the Royal One transfer and Rimuru had given him an advice to bring them closer while he “recovers” from his bonding time with Ciel.
6/4/2022 c59 IsaacF
Good ending, very funni
6/4/2022 c59 Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Rimuru sure had an interesting time meeting Balam to get a seal and having to beat the crap out of the pervert owl but it looks like Iruma’s class is off to a great start.
6/4/2022 c58 Nyter086
I liked the last chapter, I hope the next one will be as long or even longer than that.
6/2/2022 c10 Guest
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